How do you meet friends these days? Plus a schweet Mizuno deal

Good morning!! How is your week coming along?

I worked yesterday and can definitely feel the season winding down, which means this girl is closer to taking some time off to play outside all day. Oh and the holidays are coming!! I can.not.wait.

Let’s back up to the weekend because reliving a fun one never gets old.

Every time we go to a place I think Em would like, I make a mental note to take her there. La Bicyclette in Carmel was at the top of that list. 

Their menu is seasonal so it changes 4 times a year and everything is fresh and tastes amazing.

Mike ordered their new Mushroom Risotto as an appetizer. I did not like Risotto until Saturday. This stuff was ah-mazing.

2014 10 25 12 40 36

I had the fresh pear salad + Em had a fall veggie pizza. We ended up sharing both entrees and she let me have all the bacon on the salad. This is why everyone should have a vegetarian friend. 😉

2014 10 25 12 50 19

That evening our friends invited us over for dinner and to watch the World Series. I LOVE going to their house because it’s so calm and they are like family. Plus when you’re not feeling well you get to relax in their favorite zero gravity chair and watch the game. Spoiled was the word of the day in case you are wondering.

2014 10 25 19 58 03

They made salmon, which I think is my first time trying it? Anywhoo I loved it and begged Mike to make it for us, but that’s another story. Ha!

Sunday morning I woke up without that son of a nutcracker migraine, wahoo!! So Em and I ran an easy 5K along Scenic Drive in Carmel. Running that stretch has been on my bucket list since we moved here a year ago, so I’ve been saving it until Em could join me. #worththewait

2014 10 26 09 14 25

We agreed to slow down or walk if either of us needed to, but ended up running most of it, just stopping for a couple pics.

2014 10 26 10 04 03

Then after we walked along Ocean Avenue and I stopped for iced coffee and she picked up a green juice. 

Seriously when I get rich one day, Em is going to live with us and will be required to start every morning just like this.

Okay now I’m off to figure out how to use this Mac, walk the Bamstagram and find some trouble to get into since I don’t have to work today.

Schweet deal:

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Good until October 31, 2014

Now’s the time to order the new Wave Rider 18’s. <-Did you get my not so subliminal message?

PS has anyone seen the new fitbit watches? I die!!!!!!!!

How would you start every morning if you had zero responsibilities? 

What is one food you have never tried, but would like to?

How do you meet most of your friends lately?

Social media. And I honestly thought I’d never say that.

3 Comments on “How do you meet friends these days? Plus a schweet Mizuno deal

  1. I’ve met great friends through work but I guess if you don’t have coworkers and work at home social media is the way to go. I would love to wake up, have my tea, read the paper or book, then go out for runs or workout. That is how my care free day would start off.

  2. I love this post and I want to redo every single second of it soon! I went on my own boring 5k in the ‘burbs here, and it was so obviously NOT a run by the beach with you. Let’s get rich quick k? 🙂

  3. mushroom risotto is my absolute favorite! I’m obsessed but it’s hard to find!

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