Quit your whining and deal

Yesterday morning started off great. Bam and I watched the NYC Marathon online. Then Mike woke up and turned it on tv as well. Somehow he knew this was like the Superbowl for runners.

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The homestretch Lelisa Desisa went for the lead, then Wilson Kipsang looked over at him like dude, you’re really gonna make me work this, uh? Then kicked it into high gear and went for the win with the time of 2:10:59. That finish was freaking amazing!! Somehow I went to work with a runners high just watching it.

I was of course cheering for Meb who took 4th, but he put up a good fight. I can’t even wrap my head around how fast these guys are. It’s truly fascinating.

In other news, just in case some of you think we live a fairytale life, here is prof that it in fact, is far from the truth. I am going to share a few things life has recently thrown our way so you can laugh with us.

  • It rained over the weekend which was very much welcomed to our drought stricken state. It was all fun and games until Mike opened the convertible and found the floor covered in about 4 inches of water and the electrical system compromised. After some investigating, the cause was and acorn got stuck in the drain. A FREAKING ACORN!

  •  The hip specialist I was refered to in San Francisco is supposed to be the best. I want the best. Well, I wanted the best until I read his stellar reviews on Yelp. One person said their surgery bill was $55,000 and he doesn’t take insurance. This hip better shape up and work right.
  • Mike needs shoulder surgery. On both shoulders.


  • We took Bam to the Vet yesterday to get a spot that randomly appeared and grew a little over the weekend. Edit: the first test didn’t show any abnormal cells, but they won’t know if it’s cancer until it’s removed and biopsied later this week. We are now kicking ourselves in the butt for saying ‘we don’t need pet insurance, Bam is so healthy’ as we eat Ramen noodle soup for the next couple months.

Oh yeah, there’s more, but I’ll stop here because no matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone who has it way worse than you.

So quit your whining and deal.



10 Comments on “Quit your whining and deal

  1. Wow, I read this and realized that my life kinda sucks right now. Oh ya, and by the way, Ramon noodles are just about the only thing you cook anyway. J, we will get through all this. I know what you would say to me whenever I start whining. Suck it up cupcake!

  2. We just learned a very expensive lesson about pet insurance this year ourselves. Vet bills can cost just as much as people. We’re going to sign up with Trupanion. Hang in there Bam.

  3. It’s kind of a really great motto to live by! I’ve been annoyingly optimistic during my husband’s 9 month deployment…I’d rather surprise people by being upbeat than be at the level of misery they expect! 😉

    Hope the hip and shoulders heal! I’ve had a broken collar bone for 7 years now…I’ve learned to just quit whining and deal! ha!


  4. Even after living on Ramen for all of grad school and numerous times since – I love them. Sadly the rest of my family doesn’t feel the same.
    Hang in there – it sounds like things are pretty crummy right now but you are tough, Mike is your rock and Bam will keep you smiling!!! Hope you can figure it all out!!!

  5. 🙁 When it rains, it pours, but there’s always sunshine after the storm. Sending well wishes your way. Hope everything comes back all good with Bam.

    Pet insurance is something I should get too. The MIL has it for her dog and it saves her a bundle, especially since the poor pup is diabetic and allergic to everything under the sun. :-\

  6. Sending positive thoughts!

    I highly recommend a recliner for Mike, if you don’t already have one. It will be the most comfortable, and probably only, way he’ll be able to sleep after shoulder surgery. Of all our PT patients, ones who had shoulder surgery have the worst time sleeping. And if you are not a fan of recliners, just resell it after his surgeries.

    • That explains a lot. He had shoulder surgery a couple years ago and mess it up sleeping. It never had a chance to heal. We are thinking about getting him a recliner. He’s always had one and with all the moving we just never replaced it.

  7. Good luck with all of that! I completely understand and admire the way you’re looking at it. I have to remind myself of the same thing. Like that old story about feeling sorry for ones’ self for having no shoes until meeting a person with no feet…. It doesn’t make our situations easier, but it sometimes does help a little to put them in perspective. I hope all turns out well for you and your family. Including Bam!!

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