Virtual coffee date: Update on Bam + other fruitless stuff

Who’s doing the Friday dance with us??

If you’re new ’round here, sometimes my brain has a bunch of random things I want to share with you, so I give my randomness a fancy pants name instead of useless crap nobody cares to know. You’re welcome.

So if we were having coffee right now, here are some things I would tell you:

Bam’s surgery went very well. Honestly it looks much better than I anticipated. We are still crossing our fingers and paws the biopsy comes back clean.

  • Here’s a pic of loopy Bam. I kinda feel bad for laughing at him trying to walk through the sliding glass door with the cone of shame on. It only took 3 tries to get through it. Then he looked at me like I did something wrong. Ha!

2014-11-06 15.17.58

  • Thank you all SO much for your prayers and positive thoughts. We have the best virtual and real life friends ever!
  • This is what’s going on while I write this…

2014-11-07 07.14.21

  • I had a hair appointment scheduled before we even knew about this whole thing with Bam and considered canceling it. I went anyway which turned out to be a great idea as it helped keep my mind occupied. Plus I look slightly less homeless. Maybe I’ll post a pic if I actually do my fur. Don’t hold your breath.

2014-11-06 13.03.35


  • I almost busted out my pocket knife when I saw this at Starbucks. Almost.

2014-11-06 11.57.12

  • I am SOOOOOO excited Christmas is coming! I will now start answering my phone calls with ‘Buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?’ I hope my boss has a great sense of humor.
  • Another very exciting thing happened…Mike got with the times and now has his very first pair of Mizunos!! #bestillmyheart

2014-11-05 08.53.29

  • Everyone needs to go read this! It’s one of the best posts I’ve read since the good ole Skinny Runner blogging days. Pinky promise.


2014-11-03 15.19.10

  • My best life advise: Don’t read the InkaBinka app or eat chocolate before bed. You will have some crazy nightmares. Or maybe it’s just me…

Your turn!! Fill me in on what’s going on with you.

Tell me one random thing you carry with you all the time? For me, I guess that would be my pocket knife?


8 Comments on “Virtual coffee date: Update on Bam + other fruitless stuff

  1. Thanks for sharing, girl! And yeah, I’m definitely doing the Friday dance. Is is bad that the #1 thing I’m excited for this weekend is sleeping?

  2. I. So happy the surgery went well! Poor Bam though having to go through that. Don’t you just hate that they can’t tell you how the feel. I talk to my dogs all the time as if one day they will respond. Lol

  3. Thanks so much for posting the Transformation Tuesday link. I needed to read that! Glad Bam’s procedure went well and I’m praying the pathology comes back okay!!

  4. I just caught up on your blog after a week out of the country and am SO RELIEVED I got to read them all at once… I never would have survived waiting to hear how Bam was for more than the time it took to get to the next post! You and I are pretty kindred spirits with our love and dedication to our animals, so know we’re all keeping you both in mind (for both his health and your wallet!).

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