I need your fashion advise + how we spent Veterans Day

I can’t remember the last time Mike and I had the same day off. It was a relaxing, low key day which was very much needed for the both of us.

Mike loves going to the Military Surplus store in Moss Landing. It’s not my favorite place ever, but the boy knows if he feeds me first odds are I’ll take one for the team.

I LOVE Panera, which scored him a couple extra points. Their Asian Chicken salad, except I sub turkey and add avocado since the chicken has rosemary on it and that tastes like butt cheese. Or at least what I would think it would taste like.

2014-11-11 09.38.58

After lunch we screwed around the surplus store, aka Mikes heaven on earth. He did find a belt for my revolver. We are looking forward to throwing some lead down range when we go home for Thanksgiving so it will come in handy.

2014-11-11 10.49.19

On our way home we stopped to check out the sea lions. It’s one of those things we always think about doing, but never do. They look so cute and innocent, but man those suckers are mean. Ha!

2014-11-11 11.16.28

Then we went to Costco and got a taste for what this holiday season will bring. Just getting out of the parking lot without murdering someone was an accomplishment.

Mike fired up the grill and smoked tri tip. We invited some friends over last minute. Bam made sure to guard the meat. Not that he had ulterior motives. Nope. Not at all.

2014-11-11 17.22.15

Yesterday I asked my Instagram friends if it’s cool to wear long compression socks with tights. What do you think? Remember I have like, negative zero sense of fashion.



What fashion trend do you wish would die forever?

Uggs with shorts/skirts.

When do you put up Christmas decorations?


15 Comments on “I need your fashion advise + how we spent Veterans Day

  1. I’ve actually been wondering the same thing! I love my compression socks but don’t know if it is a running no-no to wear with running capris. Xmas decorations go up the day after Thanksgiving 🙂

  2. Okay .. funny you mention the Ugg boots. I love them (I live in Utah where it’s COLD). But seriously I was on the stair climber being tortured at the gym last night and watched this young girl (maybe mid twenties) walk through with .. picture it with me .. a Lulu Pace Setter skirt (super short, like I think I caught glimpse of stuff I shouldn’t have) .. tall Ugg boots with the knit top .. and a jacket (’cause it WAS 30 degrees outside) .. with her YOGA matt under her arm. She did pause to check her Lulu bang buster hair band in the mirror on the way through too. Multiple issues with this picture. Who wears a pace setter skirt to YOGA?? Who wears Ugg boots with a skirt THAT short? I say this with lots of love. I own MANY pace setters skirts myself, none of which look that short on me! That is all.

    • Oh my gosh this has me laughing do hard while trying to fold laundry. Mike came in to see what was going on! She must have been tall because like you, the skirts aren’t too short on me. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. PS .. yes .. you can wear compression socks with tights. I go that route a lot in the Winter here. I like the compression but don’t need two layers on my calves. They may look funny sometimes but seriously .. who cares? We’re not out to impress people with our fashion.

  4. Christmas Decorations after Thanksgiving, for sure. I never thought to add avocado to that salad. And, I feel pretty much the same way…feed me and I’m game!

  5. I’ve done the compression sock/crops look before, I got some weird stares, but my legs felt great so I didn’t mind! The ugg boot and short trend I agree needs to die…forever. However, I am slightly guilty I sometimes run to the gym wearing that. even though now that I think about it, it doesn’t make much sense whatsoever, my legs are still freezing! The hubs and I usually put up decorations when we get home from visiting family for Thanksgiving. BUT this year we only have two weeks before we travel again for Christmas, so I am begging him to let me do it this weekend so I can at least look at the twinkling lights for a total of three weeks.

  6. To use your “if we were having coffee” line, I would tell you that Sunday is my friend Cathy’s birthday and I am at a total loss at what to get her. Then I realized that if by some chance I could get your to mention her birthday I would be the best friend ever as we have laughed many times about our friend “Skinny Chick” and gotten some pretty weird looks from our non-runner friends! What do they know, right?

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