Preparing for battle

Bam is back to normal no doubt. We found an off leash trail close to our house which is perfect since this dude refuses to walk on leash like a normal dog. Plus it’s a perfect entry level trail to run.

2014-11-12 10.16.54

Bam always has to lead the way. He even tried to get us to follow him into the pond so we could smell like pond scum just like him. Nice try buddy, nice try.

2014-11-12 10.20.27

I guess the next pic is prof I have brainwashed my friends and family.

2014-11-12 10.43.58

Em now has 2 pairs of Mizuno’s and now Mike has his first (of many muhahaha) pair. I am okay with this.

Bam and I ended up running a couple loops on the trail together. Mike snapped this picture and it makes me so incredibly happy! Running with my buddy is one of my favorite things ever.

2014-11-12 10.43.00

Since we are on the running shoe topic, I rocked the Wave Kazans which came out over the summer while I was injured. Clearly we are catching up.

2014-11-12 10.44.06

In other random news, does anyone else wander around Whole Foods when they have time to kill?


I am so guilty. Yesterday I had an hour before a work meeting and doing laundry/cleaning the house did not sound fun so this loner walked around Whole paycheck for a bit.

Has anyone tried these soups? If Mike were with me, I’m sure he’d refer to them as soup bags or something far more offensive and hilarious.

2014-11-12 15.00.50

I picked up a migraine wrap to prepare for battle and this KeVita Tangerine Em has me hooked on. Only thing is I didn’t accidentally drop it after drinking half and get a new one for free. 😉

2014-11-12 15.10.15

If you have some time to kill, how do you spend it?

Any migraine remedies? 

What are your favorite Whole Foods products?

KeVita, Slik soymilk vanilla creamer, their meat since I have somehow become a meat snob, Applegate Farms smoked turkey <-seriously the best and their house made jalapeno hummus.


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  1. Umm I *totally* aimlessly wandered Whole Foods on my day off on Tuesday. It was glorious. And I only bought about 3 unnecessary items! The drop and get one free trick is only to be used sporadically, as they may begin to catch on…. 😉

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