Random trip to San Francisco + have I not learned anything?

Welp, we kinda sorta randomly ended up in the Bay Area. I haven’t been back since we moved over 16 months ago. It’s crazy to think it’s only an hour away, but feels so much different than the Monterey area. Traffic has a lot to do with that statement. And theres no Pebble Beach there.

We stopped in for lunch at our favorite Mediterranean restaurant in downtown Burlingame just like old times. It was a quick trip so we didn’t wander too much after lunch, just to Starbucks for some iced coffee for the road. Coffee is a necessity.

2014-11-18 12.00.43


While we were walking I couldn’t stop blabbing about the Lululemon store since I remembered there was one there. (We don’t have one in the Monterey area.) Mike pointed across the street and said hey J, look at that!

2014-11-18 12.00.53

I looked and walked right by my beloved Lulu. Fine, I’ll just pop in on our way back to the car, I thought. With Starbucks in hand, Mike led the way back to the car a different way without me even realizing it. What a punk!

I am more disappointed in my poor life decision to actually listen to that boy. After 11 years with him, have I not learned anything?

2014-11-18 12.08.43


Anyhoo we ended up going to San Francisco which was another random thing but fun. Kinda. I’ve said it before but I am really not a huge fan of The City. Please send all hate mail to yourlifeissadyoufeeltheneedtoemailmeaboutthis@gmail.com

2014-11-18 12.32.47

The skyline really is so beautiful though.

Until you get a big fat welcome to traffic. But at least there is so much to see, it really doesn’t matter where you are, it’s rich in history, people watching and ornate buildings.

2014-11-18 12.38.23


Going over the Golden Gate Bridge was a lot of fun too. They don’t have people in the toll booths now, it’s all done online which felt so weird just driving through.

2014-11-18 12.57.07


Then we took Highway 1 from SF to Monterey and my mind was blown. We’ve done that drive before, but really it never get’s old. If you have ever thought about doing that drive, DO IT then feel free to send me love letters and coffee.

What was the last random thing you did?

Ever been to SF? Favorite thing you did or if you haven’t been there yet, what would you like to see or do?

Does your significant other distract you like Mike did to me?




5 Comments on “Random trip to San Francisco + have I not learned anything?

  1. We went up to Washington a few years ago and followed Hwy 1. It’s a beautiful drive. The last time I was in SF was when I was there to run the Nike Women’s race last year. I love the building with all the furniture and stuff attached to the outside. Pretty odd and cool. I have a picture of it on IG.

  2. I used to live in SF. In Pacific Heights. I loved it at the time but don’t think I could handle it in my Old Lady Life!!! I think random trips like this are so fun. I bet you all had more fun than if you planned a trip up there. 🙂 My Favorite SF thing……………..People watching………and the Sea Lions.

  3. AHHHH what a little trickster! I can’t believe that! Guys don’t understand how we HAVE to visit our favorite stores when we’re in the area if we don’t have them where we live. It’s like site seeing!

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