Throwing lead down range + “the best Birthday I’ve had in years”

We woke up to rain yesterday. Not sure why I didn’t expect that even after reading it was on the way. Being a blonde is so hard sometimes.

Mike has been working a lot more than usual, so it was nice to finally have some time off and a free day to play. We have been talking about going to the gun range for awhile now, so I woke up and excitedly told him that’s what I wanted to do. You know the boy was stoked!

I have a Smith + Wesson .38 revolver Mike picked out for me because the boy said “I’m not mechanical enough for a Glock.” Ha! Guess what my new life goal is now?


It was one of our friends Birthday and the rain cancelled their outdoor plans, so I invited them along. Turns out, everyone had a fantastic time throwing lead down range!

Mike has several other “mechanical” {pun totally intended} pieces we got to fire, including his beloved Beretta 9mm he’s had for forever. The man can’t miss a target with it.

I choose this evil bunny to target practice with, while they chose a wild, evil turkey.

Um, yah he gone.


After we headed out to celebrate our friends Birthday at Cannery Row Brewing. It’s one of those places that every time we drive by, Mike always says he wants to go check it out, so this was a perfect choice on our buddies part.

The food was amazing – the boys loved the pork chops and we got to watch the Bruins game to cheer them on for Emily. Girlfriend is a big time Bruins fan.

Since this going out to dinner thing is a rare occasion, and lets be real, I actually did my hair, it had to be documented.

2014-11-22 17.44.58

2014-11-22 17.44.52

Okay well, we tried. I guess growing up is still not a high priority for us yet. Or ever.


After we invited everyone over for after dinner drinks, Scotch for the boys, wine for the girls and watched 2 episodes of Lillyhammer. Oh my gosh it’s a great show!

While Bam enjoyed the extra love + snuggles. He thinks he is human, I am sure of it.

As they were heading home, our buddy said “this was the best Birthday I’ve had in years!” My heart is so full. It makes me SO happy to see him happy. <3

How do you spend a rainy day?

What show are you currently watching?

Any fun plans for today? 


2 Comments on “Throwing lead down range + “the best Birthday I’ve had in years”

  1. thanks for cheering my team on from afar! twas a glorious victory! wish I could have been there for all the birthday festivities. I love breweries so let’s please go back when I visit next k? 😉

  2. Well, I ran in the rain on Saturday. I always love running in the rain/snow. It wasn’t super rainy, just a drizzle. What a great way for your friend to spent their birthday. Sometimes we overlook the simple stuff, hanging out with no pressure, enjoying eachothers company .. that sounds like the best to me too!

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