On meeting celebs + high profile folks

It’s the never ending season since this girl has been working quite a bit lately. Well, for me at least. No complaints here at all. It still blows my mind they pay me to drive one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world to make folks from all over the world happy. Turns out when you drive a cart full of snacks and beer, you make a lot of friends. Who knew?


Here’s a dumb blonde J moment for ya…

I can talk to anyone. Often times celebs + high profile people come to play Pebble and approximately 99% of the time I have no clue who they are. Like zero. I can walk up to anyone and start a conversation. Well yesterday, I did just that and as I drove off, I realized she was one of my childhood favorite celebs. Yah, we had a full on conversation, she asked where I was from (that’s one of my routine questions) of course I asked her as well and should have pieced it together when she said LA.

Another blonde J moment happened awhile back when I was the personal attendant for Chris + his buddies. They were the kind of folks you would naturally gravitate to because they were so much fun. Just normal, down to earth guys cracking jokes and having a good ole time. Lot’s of high fives + knuckles for awesome shots, talks about family and life as if you just met a new friend.

At the turn one of Chris’ buddies asked me if I knew who he was. I said nonchalantly yeah, it’s Chris. Then he replied, Chris O’Donnell.

I was like cool, but still had no clue. Haha then someone finally explained his work and it clicked. Anyway we carried on per usual and finished the game. At the end I copped to my ignorance and it didn’t even phase him. He offered to snap a picture and insisted we do the Charlies Angles pose. Who am I to argue?

2014-04-26 18.31.33

It was one of my favorite days. Not because of his status, but because the whole group was genuinely fun to be around and I was happy to help them enjoy their time playing.

The one high profile person had me shaking in my boots and thinking to myself don’t throw up, don’t throw up was President George W. Bush. He walked right up to me after teeing off said “good morning darlin’ how are you?” Then shook my hand, looked at my name tag and said “Jacqueline, it’s nice to meet you.”

That was truly an experience of a lifetime. I can die now.

He was happy to snap a picture with me, but I promised Secret Service I wouldn’t post it online. I keep my word.

On the off chance I actually do recognize folks like President Bush, I very rarely ask to snap a pic with them. (Only after seeing others taking pics with him and with Secret Services’ blessings, I asked him) I pride myself in treating everyone the same and providing excellent service to make their experiences the best I can. I think for the most part these folks want to be treated like regular people and appreciate it. I know I would.

Have you ever met a celeb or high profile person? Who?

Anyone you would LOVE to meet?


7 Comments on “On meeting celebs + high profile folks

  1. I went to school in Malibu so I saw a lot of celebrities during my 4 years there. My favorite story is from when my husband and I were eating lunch at the farmer’s market and he was staring at a guy over my shoulder and said “wow, that guy’s got a great beard”. I turned around to look and said back to him “yeah, and he’s standing next to OWEN WILSON!” haha, hubby was so into the beard that he didn’t even notice!

  2. I can honestly say that I’ve never met a celebrity, which is weird because I grew up in the Napa Valley and there’s lots of them there. But If I did met one I’d most likely just giggle like a little girl and refuse to make eye contact with them.

  3. We have a picture of Chris (and a few other guys from his pilot training class) with President Bush (back when he was still the Governor of TX).

  4. Love reading your blog! I’ve met a lot of Olympic swimmers when my oldest daughter was swimming competitively. Lately, I have had the opportunity to meet Bart Yasso snd Shalane Flanagan at our annual track banquet. This year we will have the pleasure of meeting Lauren Fleshman. Years ago when Magnum PI was popular my husband and I ran into Tom Selleck while filming in Hawaii. Talk about heartthrob!

  5. I’m not sure if I’ve ever met a celebrity, but I don’t think so. If I could choose anyone though, it would be George W.!!

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