Days 1 & 2 post op

This will be the last thorough post I’ll probably write. I wanted to document my experience with FAI surgery in the hopes it will help others and ease some anxiety about the process. Plus chances are I will have to get my right hip done one day and I want to  will be able to look back and say, hey it’s really not that big of a deal. Because really, it’s NOT. 🙂

With that said, here we go…

I had to fast before surgery and the hardest part about it was not being able to drink water. I was very dehydrated the rest of the night. I woke up not feeling well-a bit dizzy, groggy/out of it and had a feeling it was due to dehydration. So I spent the day chugging water and asking Mike to help me up so I could pee. Ha! Now that’s marriage right there.


As the day progressed I felt better and was in some pain around lunch time so I took a Tylenol with codeine and Mike helped me get in bed for an afternoon nap.

Honestly, I can not remember the last time I took a nap. That groggy feeling usually isn’t worth it, but with all the meds they had me on, time was thrown completely out the window and I just rolled with how I was feeling. Oh on a side note, I ALWAYS have to take a shower and shave my legs before bed. Every night. Like I can not stand the thought of going to bed dirty, but as soon as we got home from surgery, I went straight to bed without even thinking about taking a shower. Funny how your priorities change when big life changes happen. Well, at least it’s sort of a big deal to me.

2014-12-18 12.29.38

Mike, Bam & I spent the first day mostly on the couch watching movies and our new favorite shows, Lillyhammer and Longmire. Love me a nice rugged cowboy.

My appetite was slowly coming back but there still wasn’t much that sounded appealing other than fresh fruit and ice water, but we made due.

The whole day was a blur as the anesthesia/drugs were still wearing off, but day 2 post op I finally felt back to normal. Every day I feel a little less sore and haven’t really had to take a whole lot of heavy pain meds. In fact I switched to Tylenol with Codeine once a day to take the edge off. My surgeon advised it’s okay to feel some pain and the safest way to use these meds is just to take the edge off. So far it’s working beautifully.


Day 2 post op

Feeling much more like myself, though I still spent most of the day parked on the couch until Mike convinced me I should give cycling a try. I was really comfy doing nothing on the couch snuggled with Bam but I knew he was right. Plus my only excuse was the only loose pair of sweatpants I owned was in the wash. Mike went through my closet and found my PUMA capsule pants which worked like a charm.

He snapped this pic as I was walking into my physical therapy office to use their stationary bike. I have a great relationship with Will my PT at Ryan Ranch. He kinda held my hand through this whole grandma hip process and did some digging around to find the best specialist around, Dr. Sampson. I am forever thankful for Will.

When you find fantastic health professionals who take a genuine interest in your wellbeing, make good friends with them.


He was really excited to see me and hear all about the surgery.

I rode the bike for 10 whole minutes and felt amazing to move around. I took it really easy, no resistance and just moved.


I’m kinda like his pet project since he was the only one who could prove the problem was in my hip and convinced me to see Dr. Sampson for a 5th opinion. Yes, 4 other specialists said there’s nothing wrong with your MRI, go run. Or the worst, maybe running isn’t for you, maybe you should take up another sport.

I feel like sending that doctor a Christmas card that says ‘eat it. I’ll see you at the finish line punk.’

But I won’t waste my time.

Anyhoo on our way out, Will was excited to show me some exercises I will be doing when the time comes. It was really uplifting to see him so excited and telling others about how we are going to get me back out running!

Annnnd that’s a wrap. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away. I’m no expert but I am always happy to speak from my experiences.

I hope you have a beautiful pre Christmas weekend with friends + family. <3


10 Comments on “Days 1 & 2 post op

  1. It’s amazing that you were able to do a little cycling so soon after surgery. That’s awesome! Doctors can be wrong, and I believe in getting second (or fifth) opinions. Only you yourself really knows what’s going on with your body.

    I love Longmire, too. I was so bummed when A&E cancelled it, but I’m glad that Netflix picked it up after they did.

  2. When I read your first sentence, I thought it said this is the last post you’ll probably write and I got all sad for a second until I re read lol! You’re making great progress so quickly! Yay!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us! I’m sitting in an epson salt bath as I write (tmi?) hoping my hips and (butt?) can’t even figure out what the pain is or where it’s coming from, will feel better and I can rock some heals (only happens once or twice a year these days) for my running group’s annual holiday party tonight! Sharing your experience is so beneficial to so many of us! Hang in there, keep going, never stop laughing or drinking coffee, hello to Bam and Mike and a virtual hug to you!! See ya at Big Sur

  4. Hi! So happy u r doing well! Wow riding the bike day 2! Super job! Thanks for sharing your story you r so positive!!

  5. I’m glad you stuck with it until you found a DR that could help you!
    So great that you are moving around and rode the bike some.

  6. Hey J, I’m so glad you are recovering well! I am curious about what some of your symptoms were that lead you to surgery? Did you have back pain in addition to hip pain? Was your foot problem related to your hip? I am a physical therapist, so this is all very interesting to me. 🙂 Merry Christmas!!

    • The first signs were my hamstring would get a shocking pain when I ran longer distances. Then the back of my thigh (butt to knee) would feel numbness
      & tingle. As time went on my hip socket front & back started burning. There were days whe I could barley walk and others I felt fine.

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