“I hate the holidays”

Good morning!! I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!!

Didn’t mean to pull a disappearing act, but I just didn’t feel like blogging or opening my laptop, or even taking pictures. Instead, I snuggled with Bam on the couch, got to know Netflix + Chromecast really well, spent some time with good friends Christmas Eve eating Chinese Food while watching Frozen, and enjoyed seeing family + friends on Christmas.

2014-12-24 17.28.08

Oh and I sat on a display bed at Macys with coffee in hand while Mike brought me potential gifts to complete our shopping. Hey, being partially crippled has it’s advantages.

We just did a day trip to Fresno for Christmas and were back home (in our own bed!) that night. Major bonus, Lu came back with us for Christmas vacation!! For newish readers, she is Mikes daughter and my little sidekick. AKA she ROCKS!

We picked up the Lu, saw Mikes father, then my BFF Ronda, then spent a few hours at grandmas where she fed us turkey and all things good in life – BACON.

2014-12-25 12.20.19Funny story about my uncle. He is a grumpy man with a huge heart. While sitting around the table enjoying Christmas supper and giving him crap about it and he said “I’m not grumpy” in a totally grumpy tone. We laughed so hard, even he was laughing.

After awhile we moved the party to the living room where we exchanged gifts and Mike + I were sitting on ‘his’ couch. We heard him mumble from the kitchen “I hate the holidays”. My dad, Lu + I heard it and started busting up laughing. I don’t think he knows we heard it, but now we are joking about it. #idie

Some people are just that way, and we don’t take offense, we just laugh it off because it’s just too damn funny to be mad.

Santa brought Lu a suped-up .22 Rifle. The kid is stoked! So we are off to throw some lead down range and probably find some more trouble to get into.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend as well!!

Tell me about your Christmas!

What did Santa bring you?

Any funny Christmas/family stories this year?


2 Comments on ““I hate the holidays”

  1. Our Christmas was good. I have an elderly great aunt and uncle who every year are getting more and more like the couple in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s too the point, they will say or do something “odd” and another family member will throw in a quote from the movie. There was a hand on the heart pledge of allegiance this year and a Grace? She passed away 30 years ago! So funny.

  2. Oh no! I think I might be the grumpy uncle equivalent! I don’t mean to hate the holidays. I actually like the parties and such. I just HATE being out of my routine. I always look forward to things retuning to normal….stores being open, less crowds, less traffic, my gym being back open for normal hours, less bad food temptations, etc! What can I say….I like my boring ol routine! New Years Eve used to be my favorite because I love the excitement of a new year with new possibilities, but even that has lost it’s luster a little.

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