New year, same me

There are no plans to ‘start the year off right with small changes’ or dust off my juicer to be ‘the healthiest I’ve ever been’ or ‘increase my willpower’.

Gah these ads kill me.

Why the heck would I want to torture myself like that? I am a huge advocate of ‘you do you, I do me.’

Do what makes YOU happy. Don’t complicate it.

It is really that simple.


The only thing I plan to change in 2015 is to run more simply because I freaking LOVE it.

Injury free would be a super schweet bonus but, I will take what I am given and be happy about it.

Usually every new year I like to set goals, but this year, I am just going to continue to do what makes me happy. 2014 was probably the happiest year of my life for many reasons, so 2015 is all about leaving well enough alone. And by saying this, I know life can {and probably will} throw crappy things my way, but I am going to enjoy the ride and deal with those things as they happen.

 In 2015 I will continue to:

  • Drink all the coffee.
  • Eat all the pizza.
  • Eat all the fresh produce. Because I love it.


  • Throw lead down range.
  • Feel okay with sitting on the couch for hours getting to know Netflix + Chromecast really well.
  • Not feel like my house needs to be neat + perfect all the time.
  • Continue to do what makes me happy, screw what everyone else thinks.
  • Oh wait, I already do that.


  • Do things I am truly passionate about.
  • Enjoy my sweet spot in life, not feel the need to do more.
  • Continue to turn down opportunities that seem super awesome, but I don’t feel passionate about.

I’m not saying I am perfect by any stretch of the imagination. *Que the sarcastic husband comments.*

It’s just that….I kinda like me. I like my current lifestyle. I like how things are going. I am freaking awesome.

***stepping off my soapbox now***

But really, if there comes a time where I am no longer happy, I will make changes when/if that happens. Life is too damn short not to make adjustments when you see fit regardless of what day or year it is.

I encourage you to do the same.

Share some thing(s) you are not planning to change in 2015.

Share highlights from 2014. Brag babe!!


6 Comments on “New year, same me

  1. This coming year I am going to try to do more trips and really do things that at make me happy. We may run into you and your dog at Carmel. We want to do more trips there for my labs. They love that beach. Running makes me happy too so I am going to try to do two more races. I am excited for 2015!

  2. Ditto to all of that!! I’m going to keep moving forward and trying to improve at everything, all the time, regardless of what the date is. Things I won’t change: drinking ‘bad for me’ espresso drinks at coffee houses, working out, finding new hobbies and interests as often as possible. My biggest 2014 accomplishment: I ran a marathon :)!!

  3. I’m right there with you – I’m just me no matter what year it is. I don’t try to fit into a box and change just because the year changed. Glad you are the same you!!!

  4. Well 2014 brought me huge PRs in the half and the full marathon. But even better than that was that I met a guy and fell in love! I’m looking forward to getting back into marathon training next month. Having been injured for the second half of the year I miss long runs! I am also looking forward to making some bigger strides in my career life.
    Happy New Year! Hope that hip is healing nicely

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