Embracing recovery

Happy New Years Eve!! Do you have any fun plans to celebrate?

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We are having some friends over for dinner and probably going to watch a movie, and sip a little bubbly, but I have no plans to stay up till midnight. This grandma has zero desire to dream that big. Heck, if I told you what my bedtime has been lately, you would die. Laughing that is.

The last few days, I have been pushing it a little too much and overdid it, so yesterday I made a point to do as little as possible. It was soooooo nice.

We went with Mike to get his eyeballs checked, then I made a grilled cheese + tomato sammich the size of my face and changed into pj’s & super soft, fluffy socks and parked it on the couch under my electric throw to watch Dumb & Dumber and Tammy. For the ENTIRE afternoon.


Lu took the Christmas tree down and cleaned the floors while Bam & I did our part by staying out of her way. She has been so helpful, per usual and I am thankful to have her around. Plus she takes my side when Mike gives me crap. 🙂

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Before surgery, I thought I would dread not being able to do much, but I have embraced it. This was the perfect time of year to relax + recover.

Thankfully the ole hip is feeling better today, so I am looking forward to hitting the bike at the gym. It is key for range of motion during recovery right now. Plus I started a new post gym tradition of getting fresh green juice. Hey, those 39 calories I burn need to be replenished dang it.

2014-12-29 11.52.46

I was released to get back into the pool and use the elliptical but that makes me nervous. Guess I’m just a little overly cautious. So I’ll stick with the bike for now.

I wish you a safe, happy & healthy New Year!!

Share your proudest moments, biggest accomplishments and/or something that made you happy in 2014.


6 Comments on “Embracing recovery

  1. Definitely a good idea to listen to your bod and not jump into something just because the doc says you can. Aaaaand I love grilled cheese/tomato combo. Yum!!

  2. Happy New Year! I think you are going to have an awesome 2015. This year it would have to be shaving 13 minutes off my half PR and getting pregnant with our first baby!! I am beyond excited for 2015.

  3. hi do you still have a code for discount on life planner….random question i know 🙂

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