While Mike was driving home from my first post op appointment, I happily sent a text to a close friend about my great progress report. The healing process is going faster than usual and I was headed to physical therapy 2 weeks early!


His response was ‘excellent, but don’t get too cocky.’ At first I was a little taken back. I have been very diligent about following all of the post op rules (my surgeon confirmed if I felt fine, crutches were not needed – whew) taken it very easy – hello serial watching Gilmore Girls while stuffing my face with pretzels and oranges, taken every single anti inflammatory pill for 3 whole weeks and eased into cycling. Heck, for awhile there I felt like I was under-doing it.

But. Then came the realization that he was right and thanked him for the reality check.

Although I have come so far in a short amount of time, I still have a long road ahead. At least 6 weeks of physical therapy, no running or impact sports at least 2 more months and I’m sure a few other bumps along the way. I was also warned by my surgeon that it can take up to a full year to be completely pain free.

Fast forward to last weekend when we took advantage of a beautiful, sunshiny day and went for a drive along the coast. Mike stopped so I could take in the salty air and snap a few pictures. I’ll never forget how amazing it felt to be outside, enjoying the beauty with him. It felt like the first warm day after a long cold winter when you want to soak every little thing in.

2015-01-10 12.36.59

2015-01-10 12.48.00

We drove a little further and stopped to watch the waves crash against rocks. We played a guessing game on which wave would be the biggest and which one would fall flat. Mike threw an empty crab shell at me. Typical. We talked about how lucky this gull is to live here. About how lucky WE are to live here.

I didn’t realize how much I needed to feel tiny and humble until I stood here.

2015-01-10 13.07.30

And just like that, I felt grounded again. The phase I am entering into might be the toughest yet. There will be times when I really want to push it, but healing the body takes time dang it. I need to focus on patience (shut it Mike) and allow my body to heal in it’s own time, embrace it and be humble throughout the journey.

Dang that just made me sound like a hippie. Don’t worry I just washed my hair so that evens things out….right?

I’m really in tune with my body already thanks to IBS + being perpetually injured, but this is a very pricey surgery I do not want to undo. Heck, even my bank account will shed a tear if that happens. So for now, I will be happy to find a nice balance between working hard in physical therapy and just being still.

Where would we be without friends who keep us humble and grounded?


4 Comments on “Humble

  1. Such a great post. Love that you are making progress. Even though if you feel like it is slow or you have a long road ahead of you just keep moving forward 🙂
    Without friends to keep me humble and grounded where would I be? Oh dear that is a scary thought. Probably a lonely workaholic who cleans my house all the time-or no reason since I have no friends to share it with!!!!! Happy Monday my friend!

  2. Best wishes to you during your recovery. I broke my leg last May during a trail run. It’s been a long, hard recovery. I’ve not yet been able to run again. I’m having the screws removed from my leg tomorrow. Initially, I was told the same thing…about a year for full recovery. I hope after this surgery I’m well on my way to running again. I’m ready. It’s time! It’s been a trying year and having some level of pain on a daily basis is enough to want to make you pull your hair out, right?! 😉 Keep at it! You got this!

  3. Lovely post. Lovely photos. I love reality checks and having things put into perspective. Keep up the positive attitude. You can do all things.

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been struggling with coming back from an injury also and it’s been very hard for me to just be patient and give my body the time it needs to heal. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well though!

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