More wise words from Bam & dumb games we make up

If there’s one thing Bam knows (besides chewing his butt), it’s how to live a solid life. Sunday morning Mike wanted to take this little knucklehead to the off leash dog beach in Carmel so he could run around like a crazy man.


Funny thing is Bam isn’t all that interested in the water. He loves to climb rocks and roll around in washed up seaweed. He smelled lovely after this trip. NOT


After our beach trip, we went down my favorite road around, Scenic Drive. And then straight to the pet store for a quick bath. Sorry buddy, if you want to live with us, you have to be clean.

“If you have the means, I highly recommend this lifestyle”. – Bam


Gosh I love being outside so much. It made me a little sad the weekend was over and now I’m kinda on my own. The good news is I can drive my car again!! It’s a 6 speed so using the clutch made me nervous but I tried it out and all was well. It’s all about the small victories, right?

I also started PT yesterday! This makes me incredibly happy to know this is another step in the right direction to RUN again.

Will massaged the left quad & IT band which were really tight. It hurt so good.

Come to find out the reason my thigh hurt so much & knee was 4 times it’s size post op, was because they used 40 liters of saline water during surgery. Yes, 4-0.

2015-01-12 08.31.29

I also did a little gentle stretching & 10 minutes on the bike before calling it a day. It always feels so good to move. I even hit my biggest walking day in over a month!! Don’t be jelly.


Now I kinda wish I wore my Fitbit the days after surgery for a good laugh.

And for all of my cold/snowed in friends…

2015-01-10 18.11.52

What is the high where you are at today?

What is you favorite chocolate bar?

Mike & I play dumb games all the time and this was one of them. I won’t even tell you how long we talked about candy bars. Ha! He said Payday and I said Reeses PB cups. That totally counts, right?


Share a small victory.





6 Comments on “More wise words from Bam & dumb games we make up

  1. Currently in my neck of MN it is 2 with a “feels like -23” windchill. I ain’t going outside.

  2. Currently in Northern ID it’s 31 – which is normal for up here, BUT we have no snow! I am sad about this, I love snow, especially when the Holidays are over, it makes everything that is dead and brown look pretty. My fave candy bar would have to be Snickers. We bought my father-in-law a 5lb snickers bar for Christmas, I was drooling until he finally opened it, and yes I snuck a piece.

    Your shoes are super cute!

  3. I’m in Roanoke, VA and it’s 34…feels like 27. Brrrr Your pictures make me smile though…it looks so bright and sunny in CA! My favorite chocolate bar is a Nutrageous. They are hard to find….but ohhh so worth it!

  4. On the way to school this morning, in wonderful snowy Michigan, our temperature display in our car bottomed out at -4. Currently it’s 14 and sunny…just seems cruel to me. I’m not warm unless it’s over 75. Remind me again why I live here? 🙂 Think I’ll be running on the treadmill again tonight…no outside for me!

    Absolutely love love love your pics…all oceany and sunny…they are always so beautiful…even if they do make me a bit jealous! 🙂

    Does York Peppermint Patty count? I have no self control around them…nada!

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