Doing the Captain Morgan & he’s like herding cats

Good evening!! I hope you guys have had a great day!

I had big plans to write a blog post this morning, but this happened…


Pretty sure Bam has close to zero life regrets. Unless you think chewing his butt counts as one?

After coffee, waffles <-{yes, I am actually changing things up and the Type A is adjusting well} and yelling at the news we decided to join the world and do something productive. Costco was first on the list but didn’t open till 10. Why Costco, why? So naturally we drove along the coast. Yes. Again.


Salty hair, salty teeth.

Eventually we made it to Costco aka the exact time I realized it was a bad idea for several reasons…

1. The boy was hungry. This reason alone is enough to not walk inside the warehouse of awesomeness.

2. There were no samples. Again why Costco, why?

3. Turning Mike loose in there is like trying to herd cats.

4. We pay to spend money there. What the what?

5. Why is my husband reading the label? I mean there was a picture on the front, usually that’s enough for him. Okay wait, now I am deeply concerned about his mental health.



Anyway we made it out of the $100 minimum store spending less than $100. Boom!

Home->unload the car->grab a Fage peach yogurt <-my current fav and head to physical therapy.

At my first post op check up, my surgeon said it’s amazing what the brain will allow, when the body is ready. That kinda stuck with me & came to realization today. Connecting the mind + body is so intriguing.

I mentioned to Will the muscle(s) where the top of the thigh meets the hip (I’ll have to figure out the technical term) have been a tangled mess since surgery. This is probably the reason why I still have a little gangsta grandma limp going on. Anyway he untangled the knots & gave them a gentle stretch and before I knew it, he was pointing out with excitement that I now have this new to me range of motion. Something I haven’t had in years!


Okay I’m going to geek out for a bit right now and say that I was really stoked that Mike home after PT so I could share my excitement over this with him. Yes, I am totally that person. #sorrynotsorry

Mike & Melissa  have been calling this form the “Captain Morgan” all day. So that is now a technical term.

Celebratory coffee in the sunshine was in order.


As much as I am enjoying all of this down time, I’m REALLY looking forward to going back to work. In the meantime I’ll just keep harassing Mike, snuggling with Bam, dream about the magical day I’ll be able to run again and drink way too much coffee.

Share something epic that happened to you recently!

Anyone else loose your mind at Costco?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Em is coming!! She has requested green juice & beach time, who am I to argue with a guest?


3 Comments on “Doing the Captain Morgan & he’s like herding cats

  1. Selfishly I hate that Costco doesn’t open until 10:00 AM. However, I love that they respect their employees and are a great place to work. So I deal with it. No samples? That is WRONG!!!!!! Plans for the weekend? Houston Marathon 🙂 Headed South tomorrow. Happy Friday my Friend 🙂

  2. Costco on a Saturday for us is just CRAZY nuts!!! Everyone from the country drives to the city an stocks up!! So glad that you are getting more movement…and I can’t wait to see how different you feel when running!!!

  3. “it’s amazing what the brain will allow, when the body is ready.”

    I really love that. Great post. Your husband so reminds me of mine at the grocery store.

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