8 things I did yesterday and reasons I unfollow people on Instagram

I got up at the butt crack of dawn to do a little upper body strength training with Heather.

Went to physical therapy, worked on some range of motion and relaxed with heat/stim treatment for 20 blissful minutes. This is seriously the best part of PT.


Argued with Mike on where to go for lunch. He wanted Panera, I wanted Chipotle. I lost. He wouldn’t even go for their chips + guac. The boy does not like Chipotle which makes my heart hurt for him.

Paid way too much for a prescription. At this rate a year supply will equal to about 20.7 pairs of Mizunos. It also confirms why I do not support Obamacare.

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Went to Whole Foods for my 3rd Serene Green smoothie this week. I blame Emily and WF for having a 20% off promo.


Went to the beach and watched the sun dance on the water as the waves rolled in. One day I’ll have to pretend I am a responsible human and go back to work and won’t have all this time on my hands.


But not today!!! Muhahahaha


Made enchiladas for dinner. Sometimes I don’t mind being domestic.


Interrogated Bam on why his new chicken toy was missing it’s legs. It’s safe to say he is not vegetarian or vegan.


Annnd here are some reasons I will unfollow people on Instagram:

  • Those who post gross pictures of food and try to pass it off as ‘yummy’ or ‘delicious’.

  • Serial selfies. I don’t mind a few here and there but if I see a constant stream of them, it’s unfollowsville.
  • Those who post a gazillion pictures of cats. I do not like cats. Neither does Bam. Well, actually he does think they taste good.
  • You use the words nom nom. Stop it.
  • Sales pitches all.the.time.
  • You cry or bitch too much. #facepalm
  • The drippy sweet, sugar coated posters. A positive outlook on life is one thing, but we all know life is not that way. Be real.
  • The over posters of inspirational quotes, great life advise & always seem to have it all together. Then you actually meet them and their lives are a tangled mess. I walk away scratching my head thinking WTF?

Things that make me want to follow folks:

  • Runners & fitness geeks. Especially those who love the latest gear.
  • A sense of humor – self deprecating is my fav.

  • Folks who are REAL and true to themselves. If you had a craptastic run, I want to hear about it. If you scored a PR or a BQ, I also wanna hear about that as well.
  • Those who are unapologetically themselves.
  • Folks who are passionate about life and what they do. Even if I don’t agree with all of their views, I appreciate seeing their love for it.
  • Beautiful pics of where they live. I enjoy seeing places I might never get to see in my lifetime.
  • Folks who are not easily offended.

What are some things you did yesterday?

What makes you unfollow folks on social media?

What makes you follow folks? 


15 Comments on “8 things I did yesterday and reasons I unfollow people on Instagram

  1. So happy one of us is getting Serene Greens and beach time! I’ll be back soon to join you…

    Love the honesty of the insta list. I follow people if at least one of the following applies:
    -their posts make me smile, laugh, or feel happy in some way
    -I can relate to their posts
    -their posts are aesthetically pleasing
    -I can learn form their posts

    If the answer is no to all of the above, then I say buh bye.

  2. One thing that makes me want to un-follow people on social media is the breastfeeding pics. You breastfeed your baby? I think that’s awesome, but I don’t need to see a pic of your boob for proof.

    I’m a sucker for cat pics though. Love both cat and dog pics!

  3. How many selfies can one person post/ Yeah, I unfriend, unfollow that person. you like to go fishing? then go to the ocean ,IG and fb ain’t the place for that.
    I love pics of good food. I follow people are are the real deal.

  4. Bam doesn’t look like he minds the interrogation. I agree with you about the people that are real on IG. I don’t care what that looks like as long as it’s legit. Except those that are always 🙁 I don’t need a downer in my life.

  5. I tend to unfollow people who post the exact same thing every single day…but with a different saying. Show me more of your life as I know you do more than just run or just eat.

    I love the heat at PT…amazing and I just want to stay there….or the warm massage beds…so nice and relaxing!!

  6. Mike doesn’t like Chipotle?! Sad!!!
    I’m with you – I just like people who are completely authentic (on Instagram, Facebook, blogs….).

  7. Dude. Those enchiladas look SOLID. Nicely done!
    You know which road I take to unfollowsville. 😉 But for the most part, I’m all about some insta-lurve, especially for the adventurers and cool peeps I may never get the lucky chance to meet in this lifetime, but still inspire from afar.

  8. I can’t stand all those “Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?” Instagrammers — “Look! I sucked in my gut and it’s a miracle!” And I’ve been getting followed a lot lately by these girls whose names sound like they’re from a country that ends in “-slava,” and their profiles say stuff like, “Looking to connect.” Needless to say, I do not follow them back.

  9. Hahah Love the unfollow list–one of my biggest “unfollows” is when I see an instagram that’s loaded with the same shot of a garmin/food & selfie (you know where they divide the pic into 2-4 pics) and it’s literally the same every single day. I like seeing variety and fun! it’s not fun seeing a screenshot of a garmin every. single. day.

  10. I often unfollow people too, but for other reasons. Mainly I unfollow those who unfollow me or don’t follow me back. Sometimes I even do mass unfollows up to 5000 a day using fast-unfollow.com. After all it’s just necessary for my Instagram account progress.

  11. You have a wonderful sense of humor. I was dying of laughter while read your article) In any case, the lion’s share of users, including me, enjoy Zengram, which has the widest set of tools and features, e.g. unfollowing, finding new followers via hashtags, g-location, etc. I’d never pick other apps, but to each his own.

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