My first spin class ever & I need your advice

Do you ever feel like it’s been forever since you made progress on something, only to look back one day and think dang, I’ve come so far?

That was me yesterday. Every day I see & feel a little progress post surgery, but yesterday was the first time I really felt amazing. No pain, minimal soreness and a lot of energy. As I sat on the couch last night I asked Mike a few questions.

Me: “Hey, do you remember when you had to help me sit down on the couch, and get in & out of the shower?”

Him: “Yup”

Me: “You didn’t even try and take advantage of me, thanks.”

Him: “At the time, you weren’t that attractive.”

Thanks Honey, great confidence builder.


2014-12-28 11.16.37


I encourage you to stop and take a look back at something you’ve been working on. Your progress overall just might surprise you. ūüôā

Speaking of progress, Saturday¬†I took my first ever spin class. Hope this doesn’t come across the wrong way, but I kinda thought running was a little more intense, thus being a harder workout than cycling. Um I was wrong. So so wrong. Please forgive me.


Going in, I knew there was a chance my hip and/or quad would not let me complete the whole class, so I was prepared to call it quits if anything started to hurt. On a side note, do you know how hard it is to listen to your body instead of an instructor pushing the class to do more? She was amazing and I am certainly not talking down on her at all – she was fantastic! It just took a little more mental effort than I anticipated to listen to my body.

Foam rolling like a champ, possibly maybe most likely cursing like a sailor.


I eased into it and kept my RPM’s a bit lower than instructed and felt amazing. The last 15 minutes or so, while the rest of the class stood up and climbed some major hills. One day I will join them. Hopefully soon!

I took it easy as if riding on a long, flat road, then spent a lot of time stretching & foam rolling after. So happy I was able to finish the class and felt amazing after!¬†I seriously can’t wait to take another class or find a cycling workout to do on my own.


Ooh in other super awesome news, I now have this range of motion. (Above) It’s still really tight & sore but progress is progress.

We lucked out with come incredible weather (okay when do we not, but still) it was 81 which means we went topless and naked all weekend looking for trouble. #nevermoving #ever #eveniftheresafire


Now I need your help. I’m looking into upgrading to the fitbit charge HR or the Garmin Vivosmart fitness watch. Any recommendations are very much welcome.

I have been using my fitbit flex during recovery to help gauge progress. It has especially been helpful to pinpoint why, at times I’m in so much pain. Like the walk on the beach with Em last weekend. I was in so much pain the next day & could barley walk. After looking at the app, I realized it was the most steps I had taken since before surgery. Well no wonder.

I’m interested in a heart rate monitor, waterproof for pool running, counting steps & distance. Oh and really cool colors if possible. A girl likes color options, duh.

Do you have a fitness watch? If so, which one & please tell me about it.

If you don’t have a watch and/or are on the market for one, which ones are you looking at?

Anyone have a favorite spin workout or any tips for beginners?


6 Comments on “My first spin class ever & I need your advice

  1. I’m hoping to try my first spin class this week!!!
    Funny – i have the Fitbit Charge and the Vivofit by Garmin. I think the Vivosmart is a little more of an upgrade? I have been wearing both and comparing them – funny how they rarely match up and they seem to take turns having the most steps. There are things about both of them that I like – I don’t think you can wrong with either one!!

  2. My husband got the fitbit charge hr and the first one had issues so he reuturned it and the second try works like a charm. Holds battery life for 5 days, heart rate monitor, sleep patterns, steps. Not sure about water proof for swimming though. For us it’s a good choice and I hear they’re coming out with a purple one soon.

  3. Cycling is HARD! I used to love doing it when we were deployed! All the instructors were really hardcore men that got so into it! It’s a little different at the regular gyms that I’ve gone to, but still a good workout for sure!

  4. I’ve been wearing the Jawbone Up24 and the Fitbit Charge for the past several months. The only thing I like better about the Fitbit is that it displays the steps on the wrist band. But as far as interacting with “friends” and the information provided through the app the Jawbone is FAR superior. It also integrates well with MyFitness Pal and Runkeeper for food and workout data. Jawbone is about to release a new model as well the Up3 (I think it’s called). This incorporates heart health. So I guess what I’m trying to say is to maybe look into that one as well.

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