Sorry about my face & a Pinterest fail

This afternoon I went to PT where we did some light strength training & range of motion work. Recovery is a dream so far. I walk out of there wondering if one day I’ll hit a plateau and not see some sort of progress. Chances are, that day will come but until then I am just going to shut my trap & be thankful for where I’m at.

Before they kicked me out, I foam rolled my quads. The left (surgery side) is destroyed since they pumped 40 liters of saline during surgery. It has been my problem child from the beginning and stubborn just like yours truly. Sooo yah, it’s probably gonna be awhile before it straightens up and acts right.

Super sexy foam rolling face because I can never take anything seriously.


Except for coffee. And wine. And pizza. And running. Okay I’m done.

Anyhoo I was roaming Pinterest and saw this super cute workout top from H&M.


Since I am a total sucker for Lululemon esq gear for 1/8 of the price, I stopped in to try it on.

Holy Pinterest fail, Batman. Okay a little dramatic, but the fit was all wrong. The back was a lot lower than pictured and the thick band at the bottom was loose, didn’t lay flat and looked funky. Kinda like my face above.


Maybe it wasn’t made for my body type? Maybe I’m desperately in need of a tan?

Oh well I ended up snagging this little number, so a trip there wasn’t a total loss.


On my way home I stopped at Trader Joe’s for 2 things. Two. I swear that store is worse than Target.


Although it should be noted that I made it out of the parking lot without murdering anyone at 5pm. #gome

Pizza was one of those two things on my TJ’s list, so you can guess what I had for dinner.

Does anyone else stare at food in the oven yelling at it to hurry up & git in ma belly?



Dang, I really need to go back to work.

Anyone else have a Pinterest fail?

What store is worse than Target for you?

Besides TJ’s, Whole Foods & probably Costco.

 TJ’s shoppers, what was the last thing you bought?


11 Comments on “Sorry about my face & a Pinterest fail

  1. Haha! Love that face! Pinterest fail? Of course but too any to name!!!!! H&M actually has some cute workout wear. I usually have better luck on line and then if I don’t like I return it to the store. Last thing I bought at TJs was mixed berry scone mix. Yummy!!!!

    • Yes, they do! I’m not familiar with their fit quite yet.
      I have that berry scone mix in my pantry. I really need to get on it since they are KML approved. 🙂

  2. Love TJ’s! Mine has a daily wine tasting so last time I bought the featured wine, the less-guilt tortilla chips, cowboy caviar, and turkey chili. Yummmmmm!

  3. I would have to agree that Costco and Target are my weakness. They just drain all my money. That is a bummer about your shirt. I usually get cute stuff at H&M, but they don’t last that long for me.

  4. Tj always gets me. Went in for 21 seasoning salute and kalamata olive hummus and came out with a bag full. Target gets me too and wegmans. Ok pretty much any grocery store lol

  5. All stores are bad for me. I love spending money…so even a hardware store could be dangerous. Last Trader Joe’s purchase: cold brew coffee. It’s the best!!!! I mix it with cashew milk and some coconut sugar and it’s the best latte of all time!

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