Something that intimidates me at the gym & workout tights I NEED

Happy Friday!!

It is a proven fact that if you drink a lot of coffee, you will look like this…

2015-01-27 20.39.10

I do not recommend cutting back though.

It is also believed that men really do have PMS, but a walk here pretty much cures it. Well, that and I’m sure a beer wouldn’t hurt.


I swear we could go down Scenic Drive in Carmel every single day and I would never get sick of it. Em, we are going to run this again one day! Deal?


A few things I’ve been up to this week…Yesterday I went to PT (I go twice a week) and asked if we could work on my grandma gait. It doesn’t hurt to walk, so I’m thinking it’s a muscle imbalance. Since I have the best PT ninja ever, he enthusiastically agreed and came up with a game plan.

We did some gentle strength, balance & joint mobility work and at the end of the session, I was walking so much better. My quads were shaking so I’ll call it a success! Not 100%, I wouldn’t expect that but we are definitely headed in the right direction. I couldn’t ask for more!

After I hit up the gym to ride the bike before meeting up with Heather. Mike downloaded an indoor cycling podcast I listened to on my phone which was very helpful for this newbie. I am such a fitness gear/apps/gadgets nerd! #shameless


Heather arrived as I was stretching & foam rolling so we did some ab work while we were there.

After we headed to the weight room for a bit. The weight room intimidates me, but I love going with a buddy. BTW, Heather are not allowed to move. Just sayin’

Check out her gun show!!

2015-01-29 16.35.41

Speaking of gear, workout tights with a cell phone pocket is pure genius!! I think she said they are from LUCY.


After, we foam rolled. I kept eyeing what we called the porcupine roller. He stared at me with an evil glare, daring me to a torture session. Turns out it wasn’t too shabby. It actually felt good.


Oh and I figured out a big reason I do not like to cook…


Well with the exception of my special talent of burning water.

A few recommendations:

  • Alabama friends, go enter to win an entry into 2 races here!
  • Watch Despicable Me 1 & 2 now.
  • Make this copy cat Olive Garden Pasta e Fagioli soup. Mike helped me so it was edible.
  • If you make that soup, leave out or reduce the marjoram unless you want to know what a hippie might taste like.
  • If you find changing simple habits difficult, go read this post.
  • And this….


Does anything at the gym intimidate you?

Any random things you recommend?

Do you prefer to workout alone or with a buddy?


5 Comments on “Something that intimidates me at the gym & workout tights I NEED

  1. Yep – Lucy crops win! 🙂 I’ll happily be your buddy-in-training, but eventually you’ll be walkin’ around that weight room like ya own the place. #nodoubt

  2. Thanks for the shout out, friend!

    The weight room intimidates me in a bad way, which is typically why I workout with weights at home. Like a scaredy cat.

  3. umm OF COURSE we are going to run that again! with all your strength and cross-training, you’re gonna be in kick ass shape to run!

  4. I want to try crossfit but the whole idea intimidates me. I love working out alone. I recommend watching Orphan Black on BBC. Seriously the best show ever. Season 3 starts in April.

  5. Meat heads at the gym intimidate me. I prefer to hit the gym with my husband. I just feel like people watch you and judge you all the time. I mainly stick to classes right now but once I run this damn marathon next month I’m thinking I’d like to focus on some more weight training. My random recommendation .. Sons of Anarchy. Please tell me you’ve seen it? If not I think you would enjoy it and go watch it right now!

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