Well that’s a crapshoot & a dumb thing I do at the gym

Look who stopped her whining and got her sweat on? You are welcome for this super sexy picture.

2015-02-04 15.35.04

I miss riding my bike on the trail but I can’t be trusted not to fall. If that happens my 55K grandma hip is screwed. Not interested. But I am interested in riding the bike at the gym, rocking out to the Rihanna station on Pandora while watching the world go by. Anyone else like to people watch?

2015-02-04 15.16.53

Okay nerdy J alert. I don’t like going to the locker room to change so I put cycling shorts in my gym bag and slip them on over my tights before I get on the bike. After I just take them off and I’m ready to cross train. I have no shame.

2015-02-04 15.19.35


  • 30 minute interval bike ride
  • 3 X 45 second planks
  • Foam rolling before & after workout

After I walked across the street to meet Heather for a walk. I saw dark clouds {maybe it was fog?} roll in. We crossed our fingers we wouldn’t get caught in the rain. Though that would have been a blast.

2015-02-04 15.43.04

I really enjoy hanging out at Old Fishermans Wharf during the week. Before we know it tourist season will be here and I will stay far away. This girl is not a fan of being around a lot of people.

2015-02-04 16.48.16

It was perfect, crisp weather for a long walk. We caught up about life, dreams, her wedding, running & a bunch of other random stuff. Heather has some big things happening and I am SO stoked for her!

2015-02-04 16.42.48

We were having so much fun chatting, I didn’t realize how far we walked. Yikes. Turns out this was my most active day post op and not gonna lie, last night was a crapshoot. I was either going to be popping pain meds or sleeping peacefully.

Well I was in a little pain, I am happy to report 2 Advil worked like a charm. Let’s see how today goes.

2015-02-05 04.20.53

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Have a fantastic Thursday!!

Of possible interest:

Do you like to people watch?

Do you do anything weird to save time at the gym?

Has anyone tried coconut milk?

I have not, but can’t wait to give it try.


8 Comments on “Well that’s a crapshoot & a dumb thing I do at the gym

  1. I think the gym provides some of the BEST people watching. It’s one of my favorite places to people watch in fact. I don’t think that I do anything weird there. But with that being said I guess the weirdest thing that happened to me yesterday, I’ve been sick. Sinus crap is killing me. So much so that this past Saturday long run I didn’t blow a single snot rocket. Keeping it classy .. and HONEST. I blow snot rockets on all my outside runs this time of year. It’s COLD in Utah! Anyway I was running on the treadmill at work (nobody was in there with me) and I got the URGE! I was so excited .. I blew snot rockets in the garbage can. BAAAHAA! Gross? Yes. But I was thrilled that the crap was finally moving in my sinuses.

  2. I love to people watch – my favorite place is the airport:)
    Hope you are able to ride on the trails again soon!

  3. Is that even a question! Of course I love to people watch, it should really be a sport 😉 I love getting so lost in conversation you don’t realize how far you’ve walked/ran/biked! I wonder if Sbux will charge coconut milk drinkers $0.60 extra for their decision? This is totally the annoyed soy drinker talking, lo siento! Glad to see you doing well in your recovery! xoxo, ganeeban

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