Digging deep & a pro for not having kids

It finally felt like winter around here this weekend. Well, kinda. The pineapple express brought a couple storms but the temps were 65-72 degrees so that made for a very humid weekend. We don’t usually get humidity so maybe I am being dramatic…


Since I didn’t really want to be out in it, I went to a spin class yesterday morning. It was one of the best ideas I’ve had all week. The instructor had us digging deep, working for it. I knew it was going to be a tough workout when I felt like body parts were going to start flying off 14 minutes into the hour long class. I was quickly reminded that I am still recovering from surgery 7.5 weeks ago and unfortunately surgery was not for a bionic hip. Dang it.

You know those times when you start a workout and think there is no way I can sustain this without dying till the end? But stick it out, it makes you feel tough and you live to tell about it. Yah, it was like that. Magically somewhere between 14 -18 minutes I finally got into the  groove of things, felt confident and strong. Whew.

I had to modify a few things (not stand up, lower the resistance) a few times, but held onto that suffer fest the whole time. Gotta say the no giving up thing was quite the accomplishment for this out of shape chick and totally deserved a coffee.


I came home, lost the sweaty top, foam rolled the punk ass quads, then lost sports bra and put together a quick lunch. One pro for not having kids -> you get to walk around your house nekkid and nobody thinks anything of it.


PS still liking the H & M sports bra.

After we got iced coffee and all was right in the world. Ooh speaking of coffee, we went to La Bicyclette for breakfast over the weekend and Mike ordered coffee and they brought out this glorious display of liquid gold. Pretty sure this is what heaven must look like.


I was so envious of his super awesome life decision, I ordered one as well. It was extra bold & perfect and now I want to go back every day until death do us part.


After we roamed around Carmel and popped into a couple local shops until someone had to pee.

2015-02-07 11.39.56

We spent the afternoon bumming around the house until I decided to walk Bam around the hood for the first time since before surgery. Each step feels like I am reclaiming a sense of normalcy. Plus Bam only tried to trip me 32 times. #winning


Our evenings were spent just like this…which is pretty much every evening around here.


Annnnnd Garth Brooks is coming to Cali!!!!!!!!! That is all.

Excuse me while I go put some clothes on.


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  1. Spin is awesome! I wish I could fit that back in to my routine. Now I’m just counting the days until I can start riding my bike to work again. That picture of your breakfast is making me crave eggs now! Thanks!! haha

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