Wine tasting in Carmel Valley & Instagram link up

If you’ve been watching Pro-Am on the Golf channel, then you already know what kind of weather we are having. Between that and a 3 day weekend there was a full on tourist invasion on the Monterey peninsula. A drive to the grocery store is usually a 10 minutes, this weekend it would take 45. No joke.

So Mike & I hightailed it to Carmel Valley for some wine tasting both Saturday & Sunday. We are becoming those people. Bah.

2015-02-15 16.39.37

2015-02-15 17.16.16

If you’re local or thinking of coming to this area, my favorites (so far) are Joyce, Parsonage & Joullian.

2015-02-14 14.16.14

Mike prefers reds & I like whites, so we split one tasting.

2015-02-15 15.52.29

Hands down, the winner of the day was a Rose from Joullian. We loved it so much, we brought 3 bottles home. Hey, they had us at half price. Dang, I really need to stop being such a cheap date.

2015-02-15 16.03.41


Mike wanted me to dress like a girly girl. Guess he’s tired of hoodies & yoga pants. Is that even possible?

This rare event had to be documented. I am wearing a sundress and a real bra. The flip flops are my way of rebelling against conformity. Really, my grandma hip can’t do heels yet, but soon.

2015-02-15 16.04.11

Now back to normal workout attire, hair in bun, headband in place, real smile on my mug!

Between trips, I hit up a wine detox spin class where I got my ass handed to me in the best way possible. There’s gotta be a prize for feeling dizzy while climbing hills, right?

2015-02-15 10.44.52

Another notable mention are these Pearl izumi Sugar Short. <-Say sugar shorts 10 times fast.

They are super comfortable, the length & have a little extra padding. I have them in 2 designs and crossing my fingers they come out with a neon pink for spring. Wouldn’t that be cute!?

Does anyone else buy multiples of the same item when you fall in love?

Yes, especially at Costco. I love their workout tanks but they sell out fast so I tend to snag every color.

What kind of clothes do you live in? Do you actually do your hair?

Instagram link up!! Leave or link to your handle so we can stalk you.



9 Comments on “Wine tasting in Carmel Valley & Instagram link up

  1. I used to buy multiples when I loved an item but try to refrain now unless it’s workout gear. I only do my hair when I have to go in public. It’s naturally curly and if I don’t it becomes an afro. My IG is ambamm77.

  2. I’m still guilty of buying multiples of something I love. I think it’s easy to do with high quality gear though. I mostly do it with my workout gear and maybe great jeans. My IG is kerryhkramer

  3. I always buy multiple of work out tanks and shorts – I’m way to picky that once I find a pair I like I stick with them. On the off chance in not wearing workout gear I like basic tee’s – I’m also kinda picky about how they fit so when I find one that fits I buy as many colors as I can.

    My Instagram handle is allysonmarie

  4. I live in dresses and skirts. I would say that I blame it on my job, but I do it on the weekends, too. I just hate pants. Hard.

    IG: @runningsouthern

  5. Yes, I def buy multiples because you never know when they’ll be gone forever. Where is thatyellow bra from?!?! I love that! My IG is k693433m but I am lame with social media and I don’t really post much. I should get on that…

  6. I think I bought multiple pairs of jeans from Frank & Oak last time, but at least they were different colours…
    me on IG = apkussma

  7. I’ll fix my hair during the week for work more, but usually go 2 days between washes with dry shampoo and it up in a ponytail on those days. Wish I could find some head bands that would stay in my hair…they always slide out 🙁 Still trying to perfect making my own–no such luck yet.

    IG micah_rae2005

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