I didn’t expect to write this post today

Yesterday Will, my physical therapist, Mike & I met with my surgeon via Skype for a follow up. Dr. Sampson said my recovery has gone exceptionally well – better than he expected! Now that my range of motion is just about a 5 degree difference, he released me to ease into RUNNING!!!!!! That is 3 full weeks sooner than anticipated.

Then I said, no I can’t run today!! I didn’t wear my favorite Mizunos!!!! Haha Mike & Will just laughed. Mikes laugh was mostly because the spousal suffering from a broken runner shall end very soon. Muhahaha.

2015-02-18 18.24.44

But ohhhhh the irony. My left foot has developed sesamoiditis due to the grandma gait I had for awhile post op, so I can’t run right now.

That is just how life goes, right!?

I know surgery & recovery is different for everyone, but I feel like I have just sailed right through the whole process with an extremely thankful heart.

After the meeting Mike noted my progress has everything to do with having an excellent surgeon, physical therapist and a patient willing to listen & follow their advice. (Well, for the most part đŸ™‚

Will said “Jacqueline, no one has worked as hard as you.” I tried to convince him that he was the brains behind the operation, but he was too humble to accept it. <3

When the barn is finally rebuilt & healed up, I will be starting out very easy on the treadmill under Will’s close supervision and cross my fingers I don’t die or body parts don’t fly off.


Now it’s time to focus on healing that dang sesamoid while of course, cracking jokes with Mike about it. Remember the whole ‘broken sesamoid’ fiasco last summer? The one where I was misdiagnosed, put in the boot, missed out on 8 weeks of work during our busy season for NO REASON at all?

The ongoing joke between Mike & I goes something like this:

Mike: Hey J, do you know what we have in common?

Me: We want to marry coffee?

Mike: We both have never broken our sesamoids.

*****Jumping off my soapbox now*****

So yeah I had a feeling it was either that or tendonitis because it felt the same way – like walking with a sticker in the ball of my foot. Fun stuff.

Up next is building confidence after an injury, but I’ll talk more about that in another post.

Happy Friday friends!!


5 Comments on “I didn’t expect to write this post today

  1. Amazing news, J! I am so happy for you! You will be 100% before you know it. One day at a time, right?? Also – Mike is kind of hilarious. I guess the three of us have something in common because I’ve never broken my sesamoid either. Bahaha.

  2. So glad u r doing well!! It’s that positive attitude!! Great surgeon, fabulous PT and Mike!

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