I was the youngest one there & the Bam saga continues

Whew yesterday was a busy one. We had several appointments at the house all day but I knew I’d feel so much better making time for the gym. I planned to go pool running, but saw there was an aqua aerobics class starting soon. Schweet!


Pretty sure I was the youngest one there, but it was totally my element. I even made a new friend who was happy to show me the ropes, like how to make a snow angel in the pool and doing the underwater frog. I highly recommend them!

She also explained the thicker the foam on the hand weights, the more resistance and told me I choose a good set for a beginner. 🙂

After class we hung out in the sauna for a bit and I was ready to ninja kick the day. I had a fantastic time and can’t wait to take the deep water class soon.

Oh and the Bam begging for a bone saga continues. This was last night at 4:55. Dude needs to lose his watch.


But since I am a sucker…


Have you taken an aqua class?

What age group do you typically fit in well with?


6 Comments on “I was the youngest one there & the Bam saga continues

  1. I cannot believe you did that class! I would think those classes are for older women that need the help of water. Was it difficult? I can say that I’ve never tried it

    • It’s just like anything, it’s as difficult as you want it to be.
      I love hanging with seniors, so it was truly my element. 🙂

  2. I’ve always thought that an aqua class would be awesome.. I love being in the water but I suck at swimming haha! I work with mainly geriatric people, and I fit in with 80+ year olds super well… Early bed times and eating times?? Oh yea. 😀

    • Heck yes!! I am totally a 34 year old trapped in an 80 year olds body! If you can, I highly recommend taking a class. There are usually shallow water classes like the one I attended.

  3. My mom teaches aqua aerobics and, when I have the chance to go, I’m always the youngest in her class. The older ladies are hysterical. I find myself giggling the whole time. I always thought of it as kind of a joke, but you should see her biceps and back…my 66 year old mom is toned!

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