Olaplex is brillance in a bottle & resetting my Garmin 220

Good Saturday morning to you!! I just wrote food instead of good. Sounds about right.

Yesterday turned out to be a rest day. I wanted to hit up the pool after I got my fur did, but storm clouds rolled in, the comfy recliner and Netflix sounded way more appealing. Bam & I watched Gilmore Girls & documentaries on the US Eisenhower and the Sierra Nevada Triangle. Whew it’s a good thing I watched that after flying through it to Vegas.

It turned out to be a good idea to let my feet rest. They are feeling better, but still sore. I hear it can take awhile to heal up so I’m trying to be patient. Trying is the key word here.

Anyway back to the hair. Mike finally got tired of hearing me cry about how homeless I looked – a lot more than usual and how expensive it is. I mean, seriously it’s just hair! So he called and made an appointment. Yah totally keeping that dude.

He dropped me off, then went to Starbucks for coffee & snacks to ensure there were no meltdowns while sitting in the chair for 3 hours. No joke.

2015-02-27 10.17.39

But it was so worth it!!

I asked for caramel lowlights – Mike’s fav, & lots of dimension. It’s darker than I expected but I think it will still look decent when it grows out. My natural hair color is dark brown. I think…

2015-02-27 13.17.29

Ashley used Olaplex during the color processing to help repair & eliminate breakage. My hair actually feels & looks super healthy. I’ve never had anyone use it (that I know of) but this stuff is brilliance in a bottle! I’m sure it helps that I don’t use a blowdryer/curling iron/straightener very often, but I’d say it’s totally worth asking your stylist about if that’s a concern.


In other news I am getting super duper excited to run again, so I took out my Garmin watch to charge, update & reset it.


I have never wiped it before, but I am pretty darn excited about a fresh start to set some new, post op records. Plus with every new fastest mile & distance record set, the watch vibrates & sings a little song and I do a happy dance. On the side of the street. Now, you know you wanna be my neighbor.

Do you ever reset your GPS watch or app? If so, how often?

What is your natural hair color?

Favorite hair product you swear by?

Organix dry hair oil. LOVE it!


3 Comments on “Olaplex is brillance in a bottle & resetting my Garmin 220

  1. I might need to come down your way again soon to get my hair did. Mine is in need of serious TLC. Yours looks gorgeous!

  2. My natural hair color is brown brown with some honey highlights from my summers spent working @ camp. I used to color it a lot when I was younger, but, since my hair is so dry, I am too concerned about breakage, so I tend to stay away from coloring my locs.

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