Taking a step back

Good Monday morning!! I hope you had a fantastic, relaxing weekend filled with running, PR’s, eating all the delicious food and doing things you love.

Mike was gone most of the weekend so Bam & I took selfies. Sometimes you just need to sit on the dirty kitchen floor and love on your dog while he struggles to get away. Some of us were happier than others. But I guess some of us also chew their butt…

Thankfully Em arrived and saved us from ourselves.

2015-03-01 03.46.56

It is always a fantastic weekend when Emily comes to visit!!!! She is moving soon so we are soaking up as much girl time as humanly possible.

2015-02-28 15.47.11

We had a few storms roll through Saturday, so in between the pouring rain she requested some much needed beach time.

Here is a panoramic view from the bench we sat on in Pacific Grove. 2015-02-28 15.48.40

The dimension of the clouds, ocean & rocks blew our minds. It was truly humbling & we both had thankful hearts to be there.

2015-03-01 09.20.04

We ate dinner early, watched Gilmore Girls and were in bed by 9:00. Told ya we are long lost sisters. Ha!

Sunday morning we got up early, hit up Carmel for green juice and cruised around Carmel Valley, the beach and had brunch. I’m quite impressed with the amount of fun memories we created in just a few hours. I truly miss her.

Lets skip over the part where Em had to leave and talk about the most delicious almond milk latte I have ever had. And this self appointed coffee connoisseur truly means it is the best ever.

2015-03-01 10.17.24

~~~~Subject change~~~~

After Em left I started thinking about the week ahead. Then I got bummed about this dang sesamoiditis still nagging at me.

Sometimes we feel like we’re flailing around in life and can’t see our progress, even if it’s just a tiny step forward. If we do, it seems so insignificant so why even bother acknowledging it, right?

That kind of thinking will suck life right out of us.

Man, I am honestly trying to stay positive about this sesamoditis, “cleared to run by my surgeon but can’t run irony party”. I have continued to fight for the ability to run again, find things I can do, DO them, rest, get back in the pool, etc. It seems like in spite of my best efforts & intentions, I don’t see any progress. At least it sure feels that way.


Dang, not sure how I handle all this positivity and optimism. 😉

But I forced myself to take a step back and reevaluate my progress. Here is a little list I came up with:

  • The pain is actually down quite a bit compared to a few weeks ago.
  • No swelling.
  • No longer walking with a very sad gangsta limp.
  • I stopped going on long walks and got in the pool.
  • Put my custom orthotics back inside my shoes per docs recommendation.
  • Resting a lot more.

2015-03-01 14.45.23

And guess what? I actually am making progress in the right direction. All it took was a step back to truly see how far I’ve come. There is still work to do, but it’s comforting to know I’m doing the right things.

Yesterday afternoon I started to put on my swimsuit and head to the gym, but instead decided to take the day off to relax and heal the body. So I made a nice, relaxing sweet lemon Calm with a squeeze of honey and sat in the sunshine on the patio. It was so refreshing and exactly what I needed to start thinking positive again.

2015-03-01 15.07.31

If you’re feeling similar, I encourage you to take a step back and notice all of the progress you have made. Even if it’s just a tiny step in the right direction. I bet you might notice some positive changes you may have overlooked.



5 Comments on “Taking a step back

  1. You’re doing everything you can! You will run again when your body is ready, and I am sure it will be in the near future. Now that I have been a broken runner and had to miss 4 whole months with that miserable stress fracture, I know how much a post like this one will help others who are in a similar state of frustration. I scoured the internet looking for someone who was dealing with the same broken runner blues at the time…I would have loved this post then, and I’m sure many others are loving it now! Honesty and humility make for the best posts. You’re amazing! Love you!

  2. You are doing amazing girl…you had hip surgery sista!!!!! Sometimes we are so close to the action that we can’t see the progress….I love that you stepped back and re-evaluated…Sometimes I find re-reading some of the old blog posts works as well. Keep doing what you are doing…you will be running soon!!!!

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