Laid back, sippin’ on joint juice

Thursday, Will worked on my foot, taped it up and got me walking again. It’s still a little sore, but already feeling SO much better. I went to a deep water aerobics class yesterday which was my favorite so far. The instructor had us moving around the pool, instead of staying mostly in place which made it a bit more challenging. I overheard a couple ladies look at each other, sigh and say we’re only half way done. Ha!

2015-03-04 15.25.24

I absolutely love hanging out with the elderly, which make up most of this class. They have their joint juice on the side of the pool, their “spot” in class, routines, etc. Everyone has been welcoming and happy to show me the ropes. Nobody there has their original hair color, me included. There are even a few old dudes in the class hangin’ with the ladies.

For me, the class isn’t extremely challenging, but I definitely feel it the rest of the day. I also get out of the pool super hungry so I have learned to pack a few snacks.

2015-03-04 15.28.11

In other news, I picked up some KT Tape and have high hopes for it.

2015-03-06 12.55.42

If nothing else, our wine shipment from Joyce just came in the mail! Either way it’s going to be a great day.

2015-03-06 14.27.18

Has anyone every used sports tape? Did it work?

4 things you are doing this weekend?   


7 Comments on “Laid back, sippin’ on joint juice

  1. I love kt tape! It blows my mind that something so simple works so well. Also, my PT uses some special spray that makes the tape stay fr days. Before I race or something I’ll have him tape me up and it works so much better than when I do it myself. Hope you’re healing quickly. Enjoy all that wine in the mean time

  2. I live in KT tape most of the summer for runs and training…and yes…I definitely find that it helps. I don’t care if it’s all mental…it gets the job done!! I have got to try the pool aerobics thing!

  3. I used sports tape once and I don’t think I applied it right. Also, it was super hot out and I sweated it off within an hour of wearing it. I hope it helps you.

  4. I didn’t have a good experience with K-Tape!! It came off as soon as I started running and apparently it was a “bad batch”. I emailed the company and they sent me more but I have yet to try it again. I haven’t had a need. I do hear good things about it though. I sure hope it works for you.

    Four things I did on the weekend: watched Focus (so good), folded laundry, food prep, ate 8 donut holes and a reese PB cup. No shame.

  5. I love KT Tape. But I would recommend that you get the Pro version vs. the original. It stays on longer and handles being in water a lot better too.

  6. I agree with Half Mad Runner about the Pro version vs. original in KT tape. I have used it for my IT band for years. It doesn’t always like to stay on where there is a lot of motion and clothing rubbing against it (ie hips) but other than that I am totally sold on it!

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