Not feeling like participating in real life

Good rainy Wednesday morning!! I am celebrating 12 weeks post op today. What are you celebrating?

One thing I don’t like is when bloggers apologize for not blogging. Don’t be sorry for living life and having fun or in my case, I just haven’t felt like participating in real life and I’m not sorry ’bout it.


Let’s catch up on some things I’ve been up to. Last weekend I was feeling crappy, but turns out Mike knows how to fix that. He took me to the Lululemon Outlet. Annnnd I shall keep him forever even though I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without. He did in fact, score me a cozy sweater on super clearance.


Sadly the Hokas didn’t work out. While they took the pressure off the sesamoids/forefoot, they redistributed the weight and inflamed the mortons neuroma, so I returned them. My feet are just a barrel of fun!

After doing a lot of research on sesamoiditis, how the sesamoid bones function, how to stabilize them to heal, etc. Between that and Jacqueline logic, I have decided to try a shoe with a very stiff forefoot that does not bend to immobilize the area. Enter the Pearl izumi outlet!


The two shoes above were on super clearance because the factory accidently made them a bit too firm. Sign me up! I have been wearing the blue/black ones and between that and PT I am feeling so much better. I can do a full report on them later if you’d like.

Oh and my new obsession is working with the BOSU Ball. It’s challenging enough to make me work for it, but totally attainable. #nofaceplantsyet


I may have squealed with I saw the gym has them. Maybe. So after 30 minutes of pool running, I burned out the legs on it. So fun!


And lets add this underwater treadmill to my #whenigetrich list. Along with an indoor lazy river.



I hope you have a lovely day filled with sunshine, unicorns and coffee.

What is on you when I get rich list?

Last pair of shoes you bought?

What is your current favorite piece of gym equipment?


7 Comments on “Not feeling like participating in real life

  1. So glad that you are feeling better! A shopping trip always makes my day. I would love to hear your report on your shoes since I just found out yesterday that I have a stress fracture on my left foot and sesamoiditis on the right big toe! I read your earlier blog about the Hoka’s and was going to try them but then I read some reviews and now reading what you have to say I’m going to pass. I’m wearing a boot on the left foot and want a shoe that I can wear on the right that will help level me out. My hips are really getting sore with the unevenness of my gait. Do you have any suggestions? You’ve been through a lot so I value any thoughts or suggestions you might have.

    • Hi Chris! I am truly sorry to hear you joined the injured list. The good news is, you WILL heal up. I promise. I would give Hokas a try especially if you don’t have mortons neuroma. I’ve had it for a couple of years and the shoes caused it to flare up, but you might not have any issues at all. Plus the sole is thicker and might be helpful balancing you out with the boot. If all else fails, try a stiff forefoot sole shoe that doesn’t have ridges along the bottom. So far (since Sunday) I think it has been helping but it’s still too soon to know for sure. I also read about Altra brand shoes but I haven’t tried them on. Are you going to physical therapy? If not, I highly recommend going for the sesamoiditis. I have seen a huge difference in just 2 treatments. Feel free to reach out with any other questions and thank you so much for reading. 🙂

      • Thank you for your advice! I will give the Hokas a try. I have a friend who wears Altras and love them. I have not been to a therapist but I will look into one. I just don’t think I could face an injection in the foot. Yikes! I’ve had them in my fingers for arthritis and I squeezed my husbands hand so hard I thought I broke it. I’m just hoping my feet are better by June so I can enjoy our trip to France. Once again, thanks for the help! By the way, I love your blog!

        • Let me know about the Hokas. I’m looking to try a different model since I’ve heard so many positive things about them.
          I don’t feel like the cortisone injections worked for me, so I wouldn’t recommend them.
          I have a lot of faith you will be back on your feet full speed for France!

  2. I want that underwater treadmill….actually..I want one of those pulls that has the current so you can swim forever..but then it has a hot tub on the other end…that’s on my #whenigetrich wishlist! I really hope your feet heal up soon girl!!!

  3. My get rich list item: indoor lap swimming pool and a hot tub! In college I house sat for a couple that had that–can you even imagine? It was bliss.

    Sorry the foot is acting up! Keep your chin up. Like you said, you WILL heal. Is the hip feeling good?

    I wear Saucony Guides.

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