He thinks he owns me

Good morning to you!! I hope your week is going swell so far.

Things are pretty much the same ’round here. Bam thinks he owns me and stuff.


Don’t worry, Bam gets his fair share of tormenting as well. Too bad he can’t cry uncle.


I’m still taking aqua aerobics, pool running and cycling. The hip is doing exceptionally well, in fact I often forget I even had surgery. Then I am brought back to reality because my quad is still really sore. I told my surgeon I don’t know why I didn’t believe you when you told me I would be sore for a long time. He just laughed.

The paws are still sore but feeling better. I have noticed on days when I’m in the pool they feel great the rest of the day. This is the same thing I dealt with last summer so crossing my fingers they quit their whining and get with the program soon.

Last week while riding my buddy asked if I had a repair kit on my bike. I said nope, I just have a lotta faith. Well that went over like a fart in church, so I am now the proud owner of one.


I’ll have to snap a picture of my bike since Mike put everything on it while I was at work this weekend. Now I just need to learn how to use all of this fancy pants stuff.

In other news, I’m selling my Garmin 220 GPS watch. Thought I’d give you first dibs before I post it on ebay. I bought new it a year ago and maybe used it half that time since I’ve been the queen of injuries since. It looks new, no scratches and works great.


It’s $200 via PayPal with free shipping to a US address, tracking number included. I’m willing to ship worldwide, but you will be responsible for shipping fees. If you’re interested, email me skinnychickblog @ gmail .com


What exercises are you currently doing?

Cyclists, what’s in your kit?

Does anyone have a pet that does NOT try to take over your life? Does this even exist? 


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  1. I’m currently running/lifting weights. I’m 20 weeks pregnant so by ‘running’ I mean a nice wog(waddle jog). So glad you’re able to do some type of activity and that your hip is feeling great. Hope you have a wonderful weeekend=)

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