This running thing is really making me fight for it

Happy Monday!!

Thank you guys so much for your sweet comments on my last post. <3 This running thing is really making me fight for it so it’s a good thing I love a challenge.

My “good” hip felt like it was on fire that entire night after my first run post op, but thankfully it quickly resolved the following day. But really, I rolled out of bed pissed that morning, made a cup of coffee and told Mike my running days are officially over, my body just can’t handle it. I’m just going to transition to cycling and that’s the way it’s gonna be, I said. He somewhat sarcastically nodded and said okay honey, whatever you want knowing that was a lie. Ha!

This man still believes in me when I’m questioning myself, so I guess I’ll keep him. 🙂

2015-01-18 08.39.06

Of course I still love cycling and plan to ride, but I think running will always have my heart.

This post isn’t a complete downer, there are some really good signs of progress! The paws are doing so much better, I’d say they are about 90% and the surgery side hip is fantastic as well. No pain but still pretty sore which I was advised it would take up to a full year for it to go away. I can totally deal with it!

Here are some random pics I found on my camera and they really made me happy. They were taken a few months ago when Emily came to visit.  She’s moving to San Diego soon and I will miss hanging with her here. Good thing Monterey has direct flights to SD!! Not that I looked into it or anything. Noooooope.

2015-01-18 08.42.25

We went to Brunch at Clint Eastwoods Mission Ranch, which is a MUST if you ever come to Carmel. I promise you will love it and want to send me a lifetime supply of coffee.

2015-01-18 10.46.32

I’ll always remember this time with Em for 3 reasons:

1) She gives Mike a warning when she’s hungry. It goes something like this: Lunch sounds good. Oh hey, that’s your first warning! Good thing Mike is married and totally get’s it.

2) She had bacon for the first time in years and loved it. (She was vegetarian)

3) My hip hurt so bad from overdoing it at the beach the previous day I was popping Advil with mimosas. It totally worked in case you are wondering.

2015-01-18 10.32.15

Post brunch cruise down Scenic Drive. Never.Gets.Old.

2015-01-20 11.14.35

That weekend ended with a promises to run here with her when the barn is rebuild.

2015-01-18 09.35.04

And I intend to.

Last distance you ran?

If I were to visit your city, what are your top recommendations? 

Do you give warning signs when you’re hungry?


3 Comments on “This running thing is really making me fight for it

  1. awww so many good memories! we should do this all over again, except swap out the hip pain with a good little pre-brunch run.

    and DUH you are coming to visit me in SD 🙂

  2. I know when I hurt my left knee – going back to running made my RIGHT knee hurt. I was favoring/babying the left, which I felt in the right. PT helped a TON so hopefully it’ll keep you balanced!!

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