Graduation day!!

Good Monday morning!! I hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend.

I’ve been spending more time on the course lately as the season winds up. This office does not suck.


Gosh it’s been awhile since I checked in and so much has happened, let’s catch up. Do you have a cup of coffee or tea? I’ll wait….

Okay lets get to it.

If you stalk me on Instagram, then you might know last week I graduated from physical therapy!! This is kind of a big deal since I started going in January. Mike pretended to be Oprah at their office saying “and I’m going to pay your car payment and I’m gonna pay your house payment…” Ha, thank goodness for insurance.


Moi, Will & Mike

It was a bittersweet day. I feel like I owe a lot to Will who never gave up on me when 4 specialists said there was nothing wrong with my hip and that I should just keep running. Or the one who told me “maybe running isn’t for you.” That went over like a fart in church and made me even more determined to run again.

When we ran into many frustrating road blocks, Will stepped up and took the time to call around to find the best surgeon on the West Coast and quite possibly the world (so not joking), who ultimately got me back to doing what I love!

He even welcomed me to use the stationary bike at his clinic right after surgery because the parking lot at the gym was too far of a hike at the time.


Day 2 post op

He is far too humble to accept much of the credit, but I am convinced he was the catalyst behind my return to running pain & injury free.

I’m thinking my mom has the same genetic condition, FAI hip impingement and has not had surgery to repair it. Today, she can’t work or do simple life tasks like put her shoes on because of the pain. I can’t help but think this would have been me if I chickened out on the surgery like I wanted to a million times. I hope she get’s this life changing surgery soon.

Most of all, Mike has been AMAZING and I could never thank him enough for his support. He did sign some paperwork that said something like “in sickness and health” but he still hung in there with encouragement, wise words, listened to self doubt on occasion and told me to shut my trap as needed. Gotta love a man who tells you like it is.

His support is immeasurable and now he prolly has a big head….

With that said, I am free like a hippie to run, walk, hike, ride and just LIVE!!!!!!


To celebrate, I scored the new Garmin Vivoactive.

2015-03-31 13.57.51

It’s the first GPS based fitness watch –  think fitbit meets Garmin. It truly is a fitness gadget nerds DREAM!!!!

Side note: Monterey, Cali locals, Will Kramer is the owner of Ryan Ranch Physical Therapy and in my humble opinion is elite in his field of work.

**This was not a sponsored post, I just tell it like it is.

Of possible interest:

Fill me in on what’s going on in your life! Anything new & exciting? 

How was your Easter?

Fitness gadgets you can’t live without?


3 Comments on “Graduation day!!

  1. WooHoo – congratulations on graduating from PT!! I hope that your foot problem is better too and that you really can get back to running!!!

  2. Congrats !!! way to freaking go girl 😀 !!! i hope that from now on you don’t have any more problems *crossing fingers* .
    My watch is my gadget, but please oh please tell us how you like that Vivofit, I want to get the Garmin 220 because it’ll be mainly for running and i would love for once accuracy aside from Mapmyrun. I hope you do a review on the product because i have always trusted you when it comes to running gear hehe.

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