Promises of a Marisa Miller body….or not

Good morning!! I just wrote food morning so clearly we are off to a great start. Plus I woke up to RAIN this morning!! We need it, so it’s very much welcomed.

I had the day off work yesterday which was fantastic! I had a chance to get the house in order. I did laundry, ironed, washed the sheets (my absolute fav) did the dishes (my least fav) cleaned the floors and bathrooms. Heck Bam even got a bath, though he was sure I was trying to murder him. Knucklehead.

Waking up to a nice clean house is so calming.

Annnnd Mike just woke up and announced he’s sick. #notfun

Mail day!!

  • Perfect Fitness was created by former Navy Seal Alden Mills so it has got to be self torture worthy! Plus Bam told me this Perfect Multi-Gym and Ab Straps come with promises of the perfect Marisa Miller bod. I’m not sure about his claim because we all know he chews his butt, but I shall report back.


  •  Red Fox Edge bluetooth wireless headphones {unpictured because Mike jacked them and refuses to give them back} Apparently that is a good thing because that has never happened. Guess he has to write a review on them for you guys. Muhahaha.
  • Luna Bar protein chocolate salted caramel bars!! These randomly showed up at my doorstep yesterday and I don’t even know how they got my address, but I am thrilled they found it!! (I have a PO box for the blog) If you like the caramel syrup at Starbucks, you will love these.


  • I saw this super beachy & cute anchor bracelet from Pura Vida on Instagram and immediately ordered it. SO happy it fits my 5.5 inch linguine wrist!!


Something random, but fun to share with you. If you want to have a nice high end dinner party or super swanky wedding reception at Pebble, the Beach Club is where it’s at. It’s considered the “cream of the crop” at Pebble. This picture doesn’t do it justice though.


Your least favorite chore?

The last fun thing you got in the mail? 


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  1. I hate cleaning the bathrooms!!! I know this is bad, but my mail is at a community box down the street and I’m lucky if I stop to pick it up every 2 weeks…even though I drive by it every day!

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