Virtual coffee date

Good Saturday morning to you!! I hope you have some fun + relaxing things planned for the weekend.

It’s been awhile since we had a virtual coffee date, so let’s have one today!

If we were having coffee here are some things I would share with you:

  • I am still digging aqua aerobics a lot. Like anything, it can be as easy or hard as you want it to be. I have found it to be a catalyst (along with PT) in regaining the range of motion in my hip post op and now building strength. Yesterday’s deep water class was OOC – the biggest I’ve seen so far.

2015-04-10 10.08.27

  • Is there anything the Garmin Vivoactive can’t do!? Well there is, it could have a wrist based heart rate monitor but it’s waterproof (pic below was taken underwater) so that kinda makes up for it. Yup, still loving it. Nope, not sponsored by anyone but Bam.


  • It also has a golf feature where you can download over 38,000 golf courses and let GPS guide you throughout the course. You will always know distance to each hole you’re playing, keep score, know the steps & distance for the entire course and I’m sure a bunch of other nerdy stats.

2015-04-07 18.46.39

/<Okay end of nerd alert/>

  • “We are not an Apple family.” Mike, 2012
  • “I got a Mac and made it my own.” Mike, 2015

2015-04-06 10.47.41

  • I mentioned before that I ended my brand ambassadorships this year. It was one of the best decisions ever! While I’m very thankful and honored to work with some of my favorite brands, I am also very happy working with other brands now. One of my passions is photography, though my work is still amateur, I enjoy using my love for it to market products I love. Here is where yesterdays project led me. Not too shabby.

2015-04-10 15.56.00

It was for an Instagram promotion for Reebok kicks in case you are wondering.


An outtake. Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself, we can’t be friends.

2015-04-10 15.39.30

  • Bam thinks you need some Boom Chicka Pop in yo lyfe. #TWHS

2015-04-09 18.04.19

  •  Coconut Vanilla sugar is a total game changer in coffee. You are welcome for some of the best life advice.

2015-03-08 08.13.08

 Now, it’s your turn! If we were having coffee, what would you share with me?


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  1. How are you liking your vivoactive? i just bought it and can’t wait to try it out! Thanks

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