The way every Monday should start

Yesterday I spent the morning glued to the Boston Marathon. I could feel the excitement, anticipation, chills and more excitement. Now THIS is how every Monday should start!!


The women put up a good fight until the end. I was cheering for Des, but feared she would get smoked at the end. She took 4th place and put up a good fight and finished strong. So proud of her! I absolutely loved the moment when Meb grabbed the hand of a fellow runner and held her hand as they crossed the finish line. That’s the true spirit of the Boston Marathon!!

CONGRATS to every single runner who finished!!!!! Y’all are truly inspiring!

I felt inspired to run a little after. How could you not, right!? So the boys joined me to run/walk a trail.


A couple free birfday miles later, my day was made. Feeling so thankful for the opportunity to run and walk pain 100% pain free for the first time in years. It’s almost time to start a strength & running training program and see what the hip will do now. I’m sure it comes with promises of PR’s and BQ’s.

Or not.

The afternoon was spent torturing myself on my new Perfect Fitness at home gym. The soreness is real, yo. Mike may have to wash my hair tonight…



A good life reminder: always practice your ninja skillz. Ya never know when you might need them.

Do you follow a training program or wing it?

I’ve always just did whatever, but nowadays I’m thinking about training smarter. Not to be confused with me being smart or anything like that.

Anyone out there dreaming of a BQ? (Boston Qualifying time)

I may be the odd one, but nope. I can honestly say I have never dreamed of running Boston or a full marathon. Probably because I’m perpetually injured and my split times would have to average an 8:34 and there are no coffee stops along the way.

San Francisco friends: Check out the Tour de Mermaid fun ride. They have a ride for everyone starting with 7 miles and up to 60 around the Bay.



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