I’m a little hesitant to share this with you guys…

Since we got home from vacation, I’ve found it difficult to transition back into the slower pace of life. We were up in the 5am hour, car fueled up with coffee in hand before 7am every day, ready for our next adventure. We didn’t book any hotels, so there were no plans, no time or mileage constraints. We just did whatever we felt like, which turned out to be a lot more than we both thought. It was seriously the best trip ever.

Not wanting the feeling of vacation to end, I’ve been hiking almost every day since we got back. Bam is loving it as well.

2015-05-20 15.16.20

Sunday we hiked Pinnacles National Park with some friends. Mike & I didn’t expect it to be so intense (for us), but the views were amazing. Looking at the trail map, we did a strenuous trail. It was more of a mix of rock climbing on steep, narrow ledges. Our friends picked it and we are pretty sure they were trying to kill us, but we lived another day in our little lives.

2015-05-17 10.56.28



Here is the data from that hike/rock climb according to my Garmin Vivoactive:

2015-05-21 20.33.27 2015-05-21 20.33.55

If I wear my backpack, that means I’m still on vacation…right? 😉

2015-05-20 12.51.17

I’m a little hesitant to share this with you guys, but I have completely converted to Altra Running shoes. As a long time Mizuno lover (with much love for them to this day), my podiatrist suggested I to try something new after being injured off & on for so long. His first suggestion was Hoka’s and after a few days of wearing them, they were not comfortable. The ankle came up too high and they didn’t fit just right for me. After hearing so much about Altras, and picking Heathers brain about them, I decided to give them a try.

HUGE difference. They are unlike any other shoe I’ve ever worn. Super cushiony with support and I feel like I could walk forever.


As a last resort, I had custom orthotics made and between the two, my feet haven’t felt this good in a very LONG time. I averaged 9 miles of walking, 4 days in a row in Vegas and even bought another pair while we were there. We also hiked a ton on vacation and I swear I couldn’t have sustained that level of activity without them.

I was a little worried how my feet would do transitioning to zero drop shoes, but other than sore achilles a couple times after running, I have done really well. I emailed Altra about it and they suggested I alternate shoes while transitioning. Worked like a charm.

In case you are wondering, I have the Torin 1.5 and Olympus.

**Altra Running did not sponsor this post. I bought both pairs with my own, hard earned scrilla. I simply love their product and wanted to share it with you.**

Have you tried Hoka or Altra brand shoes?

If so, what do you think? Do you have a summer vacation planned?


6 Comments on “I’m a little hesitant to share this with you guys…

  1. I have been injured a lot, on and off in the last several years as well. I was just told by my therapist to try the Hokas. I have tried the Hoka Cliftons twice now for running, so not too much. I’ll be interested how the Hokas feel after a few more runs. I am also interested in the biggest difference in the Hokas vs. Altras. Sounds like the fit and drop? Both are so cushioned. I have always worried about the zero drop too but seems to be working for you! So great to hear!!!

    • I’ve heard tons of great things about Hokas. My doctor wears & loves them, my podiatrist recommended them but they just didn’t work for me. I tried the Cliftons as well and found the ankle came up too high and caused some irritation. They were recommended for sesamoiditis to offset weight which worked well, but that transferred weight flared up the mortons neuroma. Fun times ha! I prefer Altras because they are (IMO) far more comfortable. My podiatrist picked them up when I went in for the custom orthotic fitting and loved how they are made so his approval made me love them even more. I hope the Cliftons work for you, I know a lot of folks love them, but if not, give the Altras a try. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for this insight!!! It definitely is a process to finding something that fits well!

  3. I’m going to order some Altras. I had given up on running because of IT band syndrome, but I miss it :(. I just registered for a half marathon in San Diego (I’m from the east side of the country and this will be my first California experience!!) and I’m willing to try anything to get me through this pain free. I’ve been looking at the One 2.5. Any insight on that model?

    • Your trip looks amazing! So glad you were able to spend time together! I’ve been wearing Hokas because they evened out my gait when I was wearing a boot on the other foot for two months. Now I’m wearing carbon inserts in both of them for arthritis and have noticed my knee acting up! I think I’ll try the Altras and see how they work. You’re the pro when it comes to knowing about feet! Hopefully I can get use to something in the next two weeks before I head to Europe for some serious walking and hiking. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. I transitioned to the Altra shoes this year as well, and I am so in love with them. At first I was a little hesitant of the zero drop shoe, but I absolutely love them. I love the big toe box! I still alternate with Brooks Pure Cadence and Transcend, but the Altra shoe is at the top of my list now!

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