12 post injury confidence building tips

As long as I stay out of my own way, everything will be just fine.


Since hip surgery back in December, I lost my desire to run. Even while hobbling around like a grandma a few days post op, I never doubted I’d be able to run again, but I never expected to finally be able to, and not actually want to. It’s just so weird to feel this way.

Many times while on vacation a couple weeks ago, I told Mike how great it felt to hike injury + pain free for the first time in many months. How I just wanted to transition to hiking and not run any more. Happy for me, yet beside himself, he said “you want to run, you are just lacking confidence. You’re afraid of getting injured again.”

Ouch, that kinda stung. Dang it, why does he have to be right?


I hear confidence building post injury is pretty gnarly to overcome. Actually being perpetually injured, I know all about this. And it sucks. It takes so much patience and will to get back into doing what we truly love. But so, SO worth it.


Just like running, building confidence is more mental than physical. I don’t have all the answers, but I can share some things that have helped me get back to something I hold close to my heart and am so passionate about.

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 12 post injury confidence building tips:

  • Adjust your goals. Maybe that half marathon feels overwhelming, so start training for a 5K and work your way up from there.
  • Look into doing a triathlon or duathlon so crosstraining will feel more natural instead of something you have to do. I recently signed up for a duathlon woot woot!
  • Try a new sport. For me, it was pool running and it’s something I still do and love.
  • Cross train. Cross train. Cross train.
  • Take a new fitness class. I got into spin class after hip surgery and loved it.
  • Focus on things you CAN do.
  • Slowly ease back into running. I started with run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes for 30 minutes.
  • When you can run again, my physical therapist has me running on a dirt trail. It’s so much easier on your joints & feet.
  • Take your pup with you. Watching Bam take the lead and occasionally look back to make sure I’m keeping up makes me smile and forget about the fact that I’m sucking air during a slog (slow jog) at sea level.
  • Be consistent. You will slowly build confidence each time you run. Just be smart and don’t overdo it.
  • Stay out of your own way. Don’t allow your mind to take over. Let your body guide your progress.
  • Pick up some new workout gear!! Pieces you love, feel good and make you want to work out!


PUMA gear I’m rocking in case you need some ideas:

ST Watch Me Leave T-Shirt Lightweight, breathable with a low back so rock your cute, strappy sports bra.

Clash Long Tight <-My absolute fav! Super comfy, catchy pattern & colors. Perfect for running, cross training and basically living it them.

Pulse XT  Super comfortable, lightweight, yet supportive. I wouldn’t recommend these for running, but they would be perfect for cross training & walking.

Shout out to PUMA for designing gear that runs true to size!

And just in case you need a little more encouragement to take reclaim your passion, here’s a little perspective.


People say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Truth is you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d lose it. – Unknown

Be thankful for things you have right now friends. <3

We learn so much from others, so please add your tips in the comments!!

Anyone else rocking PUMA gear? If so, what are your favs?

Runners, what is your biggest challenge right now? 

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.

5 Comments on “12 post injury confidence building tips

  1. Sage advice girl. It might seem trite but i say take it slow after an injury. You wouldn’t tell someone who never exercises to go run 10 miles. You would start out with a little walk and work your way up. Little by little one day at a time….. 🙂

  2. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing such great timely advice. I have suffered through some mystery illnesses over the past few months that have left me afraid to run in case I would just keel over dead (ok maybe a slight exaggeration but …). I realize now that it truly is just fear and a lack of confidence that I am okay that leaves me with the no running excuse. Time to get back on the horse ever so slowly!

  3. My biggest hurdle right now is getting back my motivation! I gained so much weight the last two years from being on hormones and I can’t shake it off regardless of what I do. It’s frustrating and on top of that I ended up with real bad plantar fasciitis. 🙁

  4. I can completely relate to this and know exactly where you’re coming from. I’ve been constantly injured for quite some time now too so I’m right there with you. Thanks for sharing your tips! I can’t wait for you to get back into it!

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