Why I haven’t been blogging

A couple of you have reached out and asked why I left blogland.

Thank you for reaching out, but you do realize, I’m really not that cool, right?

In all realness, I haven’t been blogging because….. well….I just don’t feel like it. I don’t have some big crazy reason. I’ve just been enjoying the extra time in the morning with my boys, working on the golf course, visiting friends & family, drinking way too much coffee (yes, still), taking care of Mike which really means harassing him, and farting around the beach.

I don’t have any future plans for the blog…I haven’t given it much thought. But for now, I’ll bring you up to date on a few things going on ’round here. How does that sound?

2015-06-12 19.55.50

If we were having a wine date here are some things I’d share with you:

  • What is new and exciting for you? Any fun summer vacation plans?
  • Bam caught a snake while hiking with Mike. He’s fine, but the snake was not.
  • He still chews his butt and sits by the kitchen drawer around 5pm every evening for a bone. I know, exciting stuff. Oh and we’re talking about Bam, not Mike.
  • Pretty sure my half marathon running days are over, so I switched my focus to cycling and trying other sports. There are a ton out there and it’s been fun exploring new to me stuff.
  • I am stoked to start taking surfing lessons! Hopefully I follow through since I just decided this yesterday. Ha!
  • Can the 2016 Presidential election be over already? I’m over it. Especially Hillary.
  • Current favorite photo editing apps are Snapseed & Mix. If you dig editing pics, get these!
  • The GoPro is RAD. It’s been a blast taking pics & video especially underwater. The quality this tiny piece of technology puts out is incredible. If you’ve been thinking about getting one DO IT. All the cool kids are.
  • We finally figured out the whole migraine thing. It’s actually fibromyalgia.
  • The grandma hip is doing fantastic! Still a little sore/tight but dang near to my new normal. I am feeling so blessed and thankful.


  •  I signed up for my favorite race of all, the Mermaid duathlon!! They also have a tri if you’re brave enough to do the open water swim in the Pacific. If that’s you, I bow down.
  • I just started training this week. If anyone would like to join me, use coupon code GOSCB10 and let me know so I can harass you.
  • My goal is to finish strong. No time goals, I just want to be fit and strong. Boom!


  • The ole paws still do not want to cooperate which is the big reason I feel like the half mary ship has sailed. Some days they feel good, others they are punks. Altra shoes have been a huge help. I may have ordered another pair for work. Dear Lord, please save me from myself.
  • Other than that, life is so dang good. If it gets any better, Morgan Freeman is gonna have to narrate it.

2015-06-12 19.55.18

 Please tell me how you are doing? Seriously, I really wanna know!

If you could no longer run long distances, what sport(s) would you try?


5 Comments on “Why I haven’t been blogging

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog! I am glad Hilary’s running but don’t think she’ll win. People are too up in arms about her email. That is exciting your dog killed a snake! Scary but exciting. Sorry to hear about fibromyalgia, if you ever decide to write about that I’m sure many would like to read. I don’t know anyone with that but I see a lot of ads for different drugs so I hope you can manage it however is best for you.

  2. miss reading your blog but understand about living life. i started cycling and yoga when running got to be too much. yoga has been the best thing for my because is nourishes the mind and the body. i don’t comment often but wanted you to know that one of your blogs was very important to me and i still thinking about it and apply it to my life today – the one about how it is ok to say no and when we say no we are really saying yes to something else – so thank you for that. it was such an eye opener for me, one of those aha moments. if you ever find yourself in hawaii look me up. namaste!

  3. After I got sort of burned out on running I switched to century ride training on a bike. I found that I actually enjoy biking too, although I never want to ride for that long again– ever. Now I’m running maybe one day a week, and not for very far. I’m taking a spin class and doing Body Pump once a week. Other than that I like to do YouTube workouts from ToneItUp or the Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up. I’m enjoying mixing things up and not being chained to a training plan for one sport.

    I’m over the election too. Hilary makes me sick to my stomach. I have my favorites already and I guess as long as she doesn’t win, I’ll be happy. But really, how many republican candidates to we need?

  4. I completely understand taking time away to enjoy life more but I do miss reading your blog!

  5. HI J, I am glad you gave us all a bit of an update on what is going on! I have enjoyed reading your blog for so many reasons — you are very witty and I like just keeping up w/ someone that is totally real. Plus, I can relate to the illness (IBS-C) and injuries (I battle hip/hamstring). I remember last summer we were both pool running and motivating each other! As for giving up the 1/2 marathons, I am so, so sorry but actually think after it settles in, you will be glad. For me, I had to give up running as my ONLY sport a few years back. Even though we are both “built like runners”, I am like you and just battle so many issues. After I got back to running this fall, I really set up a plan for myself that I am hoping keeps me going. I only run 2-3 x per week (3 miles max), then I do walking, yoga, swimming and lots of cycling in the summer. And I do TRX and/or weights. This way I can still do some running but it’s not everything. Kind of look forward to something new every day and since I don’t race or train for events, I don’t have to do any running workouts (yay). Finally, I am sorry to hear about the fibromyalgia. That really stinks. If you feel like sharing what they are doing for your treatment, I am sure many would be interested. It’s such a common condition. Anyway, thank you again for the update. Stay strong!

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