Didn’t know how much I needed to hear that

Sometimes you need to have a conversation with someone who is just so, uplifting.

Today I was frustrated and a bit grumpy about a bunch of things. Nothing big, just a bunch of small, first world problems that added up and were making me unhappy. Dang it, I was having a really awesome week and it really bummed me out to feel this way. Which of course made things worse. Figures, right? Ha!

In the middle of all this, I had a conversation with a friend who listened to me. Let me vent, didn’t try to come up with a solution right away. He just listened as I went on and on about all these little insignificant things that were bugging me.

When I was done rambling, his words were nothing groundbreaking, but so perfect. He told me that I was allowing things & people to get to me. I’m in control over how I feel and I have the ability change it.

I already knew this, but didn’t realize how much I needed to hear those words.


He reminded me that this feeling is completely normal and will pass.

Then somehow our conversation transitioned to future dreams. He looks forward to the day he gets to sit down over coffee at 6am with a few close business partners who share the same passions and collaborate. They will get to utilize their creativity, plan and dream really freaking big. Even with a new set of problems and challenges, the freedom that comes with it will be so awesome and rewarding.

His passion is so inspiring. Our 10 minute conversation was a great reminder to surround ourselves with those who share the same passions and let the positive energy and excitement feed off one another.

It also allowed me to put things back into perspective. Sometimes I allow myself to get sucked into the politics & tit for tat games of an environment without even realizing it. I have mad respect for folks who don’t sugarcoat things and aren’t afraid to call me out.

Dream really freaking BIG friends. So big, it scares the crap out of you.


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