Editing GoPro images with Snapseed & MIX apps

I’m in love with the GoPro and I don’t care who knows it. <- Said in The Elf voice realllllly loud.

A few months ago Mike & I bought a GoPro Hero 4 Silver partly as an anniversary gift to ourselves and partly to use on our upcoming road trip.

At first I wasn’t exactly sure if I liked it. I mean, my Samsung S5 takes some pretty rad pictures and video.

Then I searched Google and YouTube for tips & tricks and to see how other folks are using their GoPro. Holy smokes between that, and trying it out underwater, was all I needed to fall in love with this pocket size device.


Then I read about a couple photo editing apps, which are now my current favorite photo editing apps;

Snapseed and MIX.

These apps can be used with any photo, not just GoPro, so literally anyone can turn a ho hum “good” photo to bright colorful life, full of texture and depth. #TWSS

Here is an unedited picture the GoPro snapped of Bam at the beach on a foggy evening.


I used the HDR filter in Snapseed to add some color and depth. Then used the SKY filter in MIX to add a bit more color in the background. To get even more color & depth you can also layer a Instagram filter at the end. Whatever makes YOU happy.


Same thing for these below.









Easy peasy, right?

Of course the original photo is just fine too. But these days, I’m digging lots of color and depth. To each their own.

The settings in MIX are highly customizable. You can use their filters or create your own and save it. Plus both apps are FREE. Like 5 finger discount free. Yah.

Also in case you’re interested, to get some schweet action shots, I use the time lapse setting on the GoPro and set it to snap a picture every half second.

Now, I’m off to get a bigger SD card for this dang GoPro. The obsession continues…

What are your current favorite photo editing apps?

GoPro users, any neat-o tips?


3 Comments on “Editing GoPro images with Snapseed & MIX apps

  1. Always love your pictures of Bam. My husband’s company was teeing off today at Pebble. Hoped they behaved!

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