Shape Magazine Meet & Tweet, Santa Monica


SHAPE Magazine invited me to their Meet & Tweet event yesterday in Santa Monica. It was an honor to be apart of a wonderful event overflowing with many health minded folks, who help cultivate the online fitness community.

It was impossible to leave this event feeling uninspired, so I wanted to share some highlights with you that I found inspiring.


Finding Your Motivational Formula

Biggest Loser trainer, Jen Widerstrom:

  • Use accountability & bragging rights to stay motivated.
  • Use the “what if” to motivate yourself.
  • “Don’t give in, get better. It’s an opportunity.”
  • Have a measurable goal. Power of your word. Be accountable to yourself and hold yourself to it.
  • Add a sprinkle of trust to your goals.
  • “Please eat carbohydrates. Your body NEEDS carbs.”
  • “Do what’s right for you, not what’s comfortable for those around you. Even if it’s unpopular.”
  • “Am I doing things that will allow me to participate in my own life?”


Skin Smart

Dr. Katie Rodan

  • When it comes to skin 20% is genetics and 80% lifestyle. That’s great news because it puts us in the drivers seat.
  • Post workout, don’t stew in your own sweat. Wearing sweaty clothes can cause bacterial infections, fungus & yeast infections. Lovely.
  • Use cleansing cloths if you can’t change out of them right away.
  • It’s more than just sunscreen. Use clothing. Black clothing shields your skin from the sun more.
  • Foundation is aging. Wear makeup to enhance, not conceal.
  • Favorite items, not trends: Needle rolling. It’s effective, roll every night. Makes a huge difference with skin. And micro needle patches that deliver peptides loods the skin with peptides, smoothes out skin & has lasting results.
  • You want skin to behave like younger skin. Exfoliate every day, know the main issue with your skin, use the right products for your proper type.
  • Hydration is HUGE.

Sonya Dakar & Mimi 

  • Skin care & body care are a pyramid to health.
  • To shrink pores, wash your face with cold water.
  • Negative affects on skin from working out: change your clothes, take a shower, exfoliate & let the skin breathe. Omega oil, is better than lotion.
  • Exfoliate, wear a large hat, sunglasses & black long sleeves block the sun.
  • Trends Mimi is excited about: Oil. It’s ont a bad thing. Also treatments you sleep with like sleep masks.
  • What you do every single day is far better than anything I can do in my office.
  • Don’t spot treat. Treat the whole face.



Taking Your Brand To The Next Level

Lisa Lillien

  • Build your audience, don’t focus on the big picture, instead focus day by day.
  • Make sponsored posts useful for readers.
  • Content is key & focus.

Annie Lawless

  • Readers want great content, you to answer questions, interacting. Not pretty blogs.
  • Always be creative. Evolve, take your readers on a journey with you.
  • Don’t ignore your readers. Make them feel heard and engage with them.


Building Your Brand

Tone It Up girls, Karena & Katrina

  • Get on SnapChat. People enjoy the fact that it’s all done in real time.
  • Look at your Instagram as a whole, not pic by pic.
  • Don’t become to busy and forgot about taking care of yourself.
  • Stay in touch with your following.
  • Their blog & readership didn’t skyrocket one day, it was a slow incline and still is.
  • When you create content, have your readership in mind.
  • They love your emails!!  kandk@toneitup

A couple things that resonated with me:

  • We as a blogging & social media community have no idea where we are headed in the next 5-10 years. Will blogs exist or will YouTube take over. Maybe there’s some new technology that’s coming out and will be the next big thing. It’s kinda fun and a little scary to think of what the future holds.
  • I really suck at responding to comments. I read every single one and enjoy them immensely, I need to start focusing on responding to you guys more often.
  • The left side of my face is going to be all old and wrinkly because I’m a side sleeper and don’t plan to change that anytime soon. Or ever.
  • Let your readership guide the direction of your mission.
  • I’m gonna have a carb par-tay every day. #pizzaforlyfe

What or who motivates and inspires you?

What do you enjoy the most about the online fitness community?



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