Unexpected conversation

Some of the best conversations start just as we’re walking out the door to leave. I have no idea why we feel the need to open up a little bit more when we’re about to leave somewhere, but I absolutely love it when moments like that happen.

Recently, I had one of those conversations. It was completely unexpected. It was non judgmental & raw, full of trust and honesty. Funny thing is, it wasn’t really deep or a emotional. Just a chat about life, marriage, music, happiness & being content. But it was incredibly uplifting and gave me the kind of happiness you can’t fake.


Then I realized why I enjoyed it so much, it was the human connection I had been missing for quite awhile and didn’t even know it.

I don’t consider myself an emotional kinda girl, so opening up, even just a little bit is tough. But when I finally allow myself to be vulnerable, it’s refreshing.

I think that women tend to worry, analyze, and try and find the danger (emotional, physical…) in every encounter we have. When we have a conversation that is just pure and free of agendas, it makes me happy.

I really need to work on letting my guard down a little more and open up. I just make it so hard, if not impossible for someone to earn my trust.

I have no idea why I felt the need to write this post, but maybe it will resonate with some of you. Or maybe not. Ha!

If you’re uncomfortable reading this, then multiply that by infinity, take it to the limitless edge of space and you will still not understand how uncomfortable I am writing this….. Just realize, I’m really not that deep. When I do have deep thoughts, I get scared that I might be growing up.

Time for some coffee, a workout, and a good hike with Bam. Enough of all this mushy shhhhow of emotion! (Home Alone 2 quote)


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