The gift of life experiences: The San Francisco Zoo

Happy New Year!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas & holiday season. We absolutely did!


I’m working on a post with some 2016 goals, but it’s not quite finished yet, so I wanted to share our trip to the San Francisco Zoo with you. We told Lu (new readers, she is my husbands daughter) to plan a day trip anywhere she wanted to go. For one, Lu is almost 16 and what in the heck do you get a 16 year old? And two, we love sharing life experiences, so this was perfect.


She picked a visit to the zoo and lunch at The Cliffhouse. The only flaw was, we didn’t realize we needed to make lunch reservations, because the wait was an hour and a half. Yah, that didn’t work, so we ended up eating at the zoo. It was actually pretty good food, but no Cliffhouse.


99.88888% of these pictures were taken by Lu. She is quite the photographer.


She is about 6 feet tall, skinny mini, all legs & loves to eat shrimp, so naturally she fit right in with the flamingos. They were her favorite exhibit btw.


Grizzly bear


The Snow Leopard won best of show for me. He walked right up to my face as I kneeled down in the window and looked me right in the eye for a few seconds. His eyes were a piercing, sparkling silver. It was seriously an incredible experience!


The little penguins were a close 2nd as I just loved watching them swim and play.


Mike loved the Silverback Gorilla. He said the gorilla can have any woman he wants and everyone bows down to him. A lot like Mike’s life. A huge, fat, giant cuppa #NOT


On the way home we stopped by a beautiful scenic cliff in Daly City, I’d been to years ago when we lived in the Bay Area. I remembered the beautiful trees are against the ocean and wanted to show Lu & Bam.


Bam came along with us and we hiked some trails with him before & after the zoo. Our buddy took a nap in the car while we explored the zoo. I’d say he’s pretty happy with his life these days.

Well, my coffee cup is empty and Mike is getting ready. Better log out and enjoy some time with the fam. I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend!

How did you spend the first day of 2016?

Please share your favorite memory/ies from 2015!!

Too many to list, but I have to go with the 10 day road trip Mike & I took last spring. We went to Vegas, UT, CO, NM, OK, TX & AZ. Highlights from the trip were the off road Jeep tour in New Mexico, hiking Zion National Park, and hiking Sedona AZ.


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