Virtual coffee date: Twins, hiking and a blind dog


Americano I had and still dream about, from La Bicyclette in Carmel, CA.

Times are ah changing, leaves are ah turning around here. You may want to sit down for this news….

  • I am cooking and actually liking it. Read, not loving, but at least I’m warming up to it. Okay confession: I don’t really like eating out. I don’t necessarily hate it because let’s be real, they bring you food and do the dishes, but it’s just not my favorite thing to do. Add in all of the food allergies/intolerances and I turn into “that” chick. If I’m being really honest here, the germaphobe in me kinda comes out when someone I don’t know preparing my food. I am terrified of getting food poisoning. Is this weird? Okay, moving on…
  • Finding out my food allergies & intolerances has forced me to cook and bake more. Pinterest has been my go to for finding simple, fantastic recipes. I have found Paleo recipes are the closest thing to the Candida diet so while I’m not gluten free or following the Paleo diet, I have been baking more with almond & coconut flour. My current favorite recipes are these muffins and cheesy baked bean flautas.


  • Emily came to visit last week!! This girl is my long lost twin. We hiked, baked healthy stuff, cooked dinner, drank green juice, she ran while I rode my bike next to her, well, until I got a flat tire. Whomp whomp. She even drove me to Stanford to see a Podiatrist. I despise Bay Area traffic, so this scored her major points. Oh and she did all the math while shopping at the Gilroy Outlets, since I don’t agree with math.



Hiking Garrapata. Go do this if you are ever near Big Sur.


Em running the Rec trail above, and Em taking a pic of Bam & I on the beach.


  • Did I tell you Bam is going blind? Mike realized it recently when he let Bam out in the backyard one night, and he ran into patio furniture. He looked back at Mike thinking he did it, but nope Bammers, that was all you buddy. Since then we took him to an opthamologist for pets and he was diagnosed with a genetic disorder and will probably be completely blind within the next year.
  • As soon as we realized his eyesight was deteriorating, I started taking him off leash to walk the same trail every day so he knows it really well now. He has learned to slow down and use his other senses. Funny how it took blindness to slow a Jack Russell down, ha! But overall his quality of life has been great and we are all doing well learning our new normal. Even visiting new places to sniff and explore!




This post is getting long and I want to head out for a ride before it starts raining. Now, it’s your turn to fill me in on what’s been going on in your life! If we were having coffee, what would you share?


9 Comments on “Virtual coffee date: Twins, hiking and a blind dog

  1. Yay I love this post and reminiscing about our fun times together! I miss YOUR Americanos and sitting on the couch by the fire on those peaceful mornings…sigh. I can’t wait to come back for more adventures!

    Also, RIP FlyKnits 🙁
    (The airport didn’t find it.)

    • They are from a local race in Santa Cruz called The Pinkest Run. Not sure if you can see what they say, Get Outside. Hope you are doing well buddy.

  2. I have been trying to get my husband to drive me to Monterey. I still do not have my license back, and to be honest with my reflexes and vision still off I dont think I am ready. and with Bay Area traffic the way it is, I am better off being in the passenger seat.

  3. We had a dog growing up that went blind. She managed around the house just fine and for the most part outside aside the occasional head butting a tree she forgot was there. The thing I always remember about her was any time we would sit on the living room floor playing monopoly or checkers she’d ALWAYS walk right over our board game and mess everyone up. We thought it was hilarious. She lived to almost 15.

    • Haha thanks for the great story!! Made my day. Like your pup, Bam is still in great health so we’re very happy about that. Things could always be worse, so we are happy to learn a new normal with him.

  4. You give Bam an amazing life, J. You realize that, don’t you? I love all your pictures of running in such amazing places–where is that rec trail you and Emily took? Looks like a place I would need to visit. P.S. gonna check out the Pinterest page. As you know, I have very similar GI struggles. UGH. Thank you so much for sharing!

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