Hiking Garrapata & Sunday Planning

We’ve lived in Monterey for over 2 years now and every day I still find myself saying I can’t believe we get to live here. It still blows my mind.

Today was no different. Mike and I hiked the coastal side of Garrapata State Park and it was nothing short of impressive. Mother nature is rad!

2016-01-24 09.59.06

2016-01-24 09.46.47-2

2016-01-24 10.40.04

If you ever find yourself wandering Highway 1 to or from Big Sur, I highly recommend hiking Garrapata. It’s a cross between big redwood trees and a rain forest. Especially after it rains and the stream(s) are full. It is incredibly peaceful. The perfect place to reflect, recharge or just chill.

After our hike, we got lunch and before we left the restaurant, I ordered & paid for a Double Shot from the Starbucks app on my phone. I literally walked into Starbucks 4 minutes later, saw my drink on the bar, asked the barista if it was a Double Shot, grabbed it and was out the door in less than 10 seconds. Seriously!! Technology is amazing.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I take the winter off from work, so it’s been nice to have an open schedule for a few months to recharge, explore, hang with friends and enjoy life.

2016-01-24 22.29.16

Though I have some down time, I thrive with some sort of consistency. So once a week, I take some time to sit down and plan a few meals, hikes, deep cleaning a few areas around the house and whatever else we have going on that week.

Some things on my list this week are:

  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Clean the floors
  • Bake healthy breakfast muffins. I am obsessed with this Paleo recipe.
  • Organize my Pinterest boards. (Because I was just trying to find the above recipe and it wasn’t easy ha!)
  • Take Bam hiking to a new to us trail
  • Try a new lunch or dinner recipe. I’m thinking about trying a cauliflower pizza crust. Is this a terrible idea? If not, does anyone have a recipe recommendation?
  • Try a new to me coffee shop

Well that’s a wrap. I’m gonna click publish and watch the Broncos whoop on the Pats.

Are you old skool or do you embrace technology?

What’s on your to do list this week?

Are you a weekly meal + workout planner? Or do you just wing it?


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