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Hey hey! I was getting quite a few emails about the comment section not working after the new layout change-a-roo. They are now fixed and ready to take your feedback!

Now that I’ve sorta gotten back into blogging, and enjoying it, I think it’s time I hear from you guys! What kind of content do you want to see? What kind of posts do you enjoy the most?

  • California scenery
  • Bam
  • Health & fitness
  • Simple recipes
  • Fitness gadgets & gear
  • Day in the life
  • My job
  • Opinion pieces that are thought provoking or going to piss some people off
  • Real life struggles like navigating life with anxiety
  • Things to do on the Monterey Peninsula
  • My slight obsession the GoPro


I share a lot of my life here, but I also want to write about things YOU are interested in, so please let me know!

If you don’t tell me what you want to see, I am going to post pictures of Bam chewing his butt until you do.


9 Comments on “All about YOU

  1. Yeah the comments are fixed!!!!! So glad you are “feeling” the blog again. Always great to hear how things are going out in CA. I love the format of your blog. I like that you don’t have ONE theme. Personally I love to hear about challenges in life (because we all have them-I’m with you on the anxiety thing), health, fitness and YES recipes (like those muffins). They can be simple or complex. It is just always nice to get a recipe that someone you know has actually made. And I tell ya I don’t know of anyone that would ever complain about you posting a photo of the CA scenery. Or Bam for that matter, yes even his butt. Cheers XOXO

  2. All of the above! You have the best recommendations for gadgets and gear. That’s always really helpful!!

  3. I agree! I love it all and the diversity. And Bam rocks, butt n all!!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜›

  4. MY favorites are: Day in the life, My job, Opinion pieces that are thought provoking or going to piss some people off, Real life struggles like navigating life with anxiety

    I really like hearing about your job because it’s so interesting and different. I enjoy “eavesdropping” on your conversations with people — celebrities and not and getting a different perspective on life.

    I do love you blog and enjoy reading it when you share!

  5. All of the above!!! I have to admit, the California scenery and your trips to Starbucks are my favorite posts πŸ˜€ I am from the Bay Area and very homesick after the loss of my mom, so your posts are like a visit with a sweet friend and feeds my soul. I found you, though, because I too am a former runner nursing an injury. So, kindred spirit, write on!!!! I enjoy all of your posts!

  6. I like them all. One of the things I really enjoy is that it’s always different and it’s honest – just whatever you’re feeling that day, good or bad! And always more Bam, butt chews and all πŸ˜„

  7. all of the above. share whatever is on your mind. your posts are always great.
    and when in doubt include a picture of Bam!

  8. All of the above! I like everything not being so “cookie cutter”. Enjoy all of your posts!

  9. I love all your posts–the more the better! I am really interested in how your feet are doing and also how the new diet is helping with IBS-C. Anytime Bam makes an appearance it’s a bonus!

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