Now I don’t have to post Bam butt

Gosh, thank you guys so much for responding to my last post. I will respond to each of you soon. I especially love that you guys enjoy that SCB doesn’t have a set direction. I’ve read so many pieces on how to grow your blog or whatever, and they all say to find your niche topic to zone in your audience. Obviously I go against the grain and I’m so happy y’all don’t mind because I post exactly what I’m feeling at that time. Plus I’d rather have a handful of genuine readers that I’d pretty much be friends with IRL.


Thank you for embracing this dumb ole blog. Oh and now I don’t have to post pictures of Bam butt!


Karen mentioned in the comments, that she enjoys recipes people have actually tried and recommend.


Here is one of them! I found this Paleo blueberry scone recipe on Pinterest and gave it a whirl yesterday. It is amazeballz. Mike went back for seconds which means you really need to have it in your life now.

Plus baking helped get my mind off of feeling sick because I got bovined at lunch when Mike & I ate out. But that’s another story for another day.


Next week I will be working Pro-Am, so that means it was time to get my fur done, so I look a little less homeless.


Ashley rocks for many reasons, but especially because she listens to my tangents. Can I bitch for a sec? Of course I can, it’s my blog. Why do people insist on calling me Jackie when I introduce myself as Jacqueline?? This happens all the time and it kills me.


Speaking of work, Michelle mentioned in the comments yesterday that she enjoys eavesdropping on my conversations with celebs. I’ve been off for the season since November, but I’ll share a story from before I left.

A co-worker mentioned something about Justin Timberlake.

I said oh, is he playing today?

Yah, you just made him a drink like, 20 minutes ago.


Yah, double Goose, soda, lime…

Ohhhhh that was him?

There you have it. I truly have no clue who I’m serving 98.77777% of the time.


What are your pet peeves?

How often do you get your hair done?

Every 10-12 weeks. It’s kinda expensive and very hard for me to sit still for two and a half hours. Thank goodness for hats & headbands.

One food you absolutely 100% despise?

Mayo. Why was that stuff ever invented??????  

9 Comments on “Now I don’t have to post Bam butt

  1. I hate pickles! 100% hate them and their juice and anything that the juice touches is tainted and can’t be eaten. I know it’s ridiculous but usually whoever is eating with me had to get the pickle off my plate before the juice runs. I’m straight up afraid of them!

    • so agree. pickles are the worst. the way they smell and crunch and yuck! my sisters used to torment me growing up and always tried to hide them in my food.

  2. Justin Timberlake? Stop it!! I am star struck for you. If have made a fool of myself many times over for sure if I did your job!!

  3. I’m behind on blogs (thank you grad school) but I love everything you post! (duh)

    My pet peeves: People who cut me off driving, people who don’t pay attention in the chair lift line and hold us all up in the freezing cold, and obnoxiously big egos (to name a few 🙂

    I get my hair done whenever I can afford it (rarely…that’s why I’m lovin the ombre trend!)

    I despise mayo too!! And gorgonzola/bleu cheese. Blechhhhh!

    Love you!!

  4. Pet peeves: people chewing gum while talking to me. I despise the smell of gum. Is that weird?
    I haven’t had a haircut in a year!!! Since I am not allowed to drive, I can’t get to a salon without my husband. On that note, I also am in bad need of a pedicure!
    Food I 100% despise: Gum! Just thinking about it now, I feel like throwing up!

  5. YUM Can’t wait to try the scone recipe. Logan will be super excited to try too. We both thank you in advance 🙂 Hairs done-about every 8 weeks give or take a few. Food I can’t stand-Anything from a pig. GROSS!!!!!!!
    Pet Peeves-Leaving your shoes around the house and not putting your dishes in the dishwasher. XOXO

  6. sometimes i go as long as 6 months. i too love the ombre look for this reason.

  7. J…I have to ask….how long is your hair? Holy moly…I’d never wash mine if it were that long…it seems like it would take forever to dry!

    But what if I love Bam butt pictures? Can I still see some!!

    Hope you are feeling better sweetie!!

  8. Question- in so many of your pictures your nails and toenails look beautiful- do you do them yourself or have them done? Ironically, I love getting my hair done for three hours once every couple months but have a hard time sitting through a nail appointment every two weeks… Are we opposites? Haha

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