Adventures of a traitor gallbladder

Some of the most popular posts on SCB are about hip surgery, running injuries and food allergies. I think it’s hilarious you guys are interested in my misery. No, seriously, I really do and you can bet I’m laughing WITH you guys!

Part of me thinks it’s completely asinine that these health issues keep arising, to someone who is relatively young & strives to live a healthy lifestyle. Mike & I laugh because the man can literally have burgers, wings, bacon and beer every day forever and probably be completely fine. Like I tell Bam, life is tough sometimes.

Actually I truly enjoy healthy foods and being active, so it sorta comes naturally to me. I also have a deep appreciation for the hand of cards I’ve been dealt, because there are a lot of other, way more serious health issues I could have.


A very poor attempt at ET phone home.

Bitch session aside, I had semi-emergency surgery to remove a traitor gallbladder last week.

Let’s back up a bit though. On Tuesday, April 5 stood up right after dinner (red sauce with ground turkey, pasta & cashew milk ice cream) and felt severe nausea, pain just below my right rib that radiated to my right shoulder blade & my abdomen was so swollen I looked like a famine victim.

This hit me out of nowhere. I took a Zofran & some gas X. BTW I want to hug the person who invented Zofran. That means a lot since I have this thing about touching people. Unfortunately the gas x made things worse. I didn’t realize it until a few days later, but it has gelatin derived from bovine, which I’m allergic to. So yah, I was having a gallbladder attack and allergic reaction at the same time. Sooo not Disneyland.

Eventually the pain subsided and I was able to sleep that night. Though, it felt like a golf ball was stuck just under my rib cage, the pain was significantly less.

Thursday April, 7th Mike & I went out to lunch. We placed our order and before our drinks could be delivered, I was doubled over in pain and blindsided by nausea which led to anxiety. Honestly I don’t think Mike fully believed me, heck it came on so fast, I don’t even think I would have either.

I headed outside to catch some fresh air, try not to yack and sat in the car while Mike got our food to go. When he arrived, I said I want to go home take a Zofran and go to the emergency room. So that’s what we did.

I walked into the ER & told them I thought there was a problem with my gallbladder. I suspected it because several years ago I was told I had “sludge” and I had been experiencing flare ups off & on for years. But nothing this bad.

They quickly got me in which was such a relief. After tons of testing, needles and therapist worthy anxiety, it was determined I had a very angry gallbladder. The surgeon said it wasn’t a 100% true emergency that night, but it would definitely have to come out soon. He offered to do surgery that night, but I was feeling better (we were there 7 hours) I decided not to rush into surgery. Who knows, maybe it would subside and want to be friends again. Right?

Boy was I wrong. So WRONG.


It’s a good thing I never claimed to be smart, because over the next few days I was practically begging someone to cut me open and rip that damn traitor gallbladder out.

I stuck to a very low fat diet and carried Zofran around until surgery.

Finally on Monday, April 18th I had laparoscopic surgery. After sorta waking up from general anesthesia, they wheeled a very dizzy, J to the car & we were on our way home.

You may read part 2 here.

This post is getting long, so I’ll work on another post about the recovery part. In the meantime, if you’ve had issues with your gallbladder or surgery please share your experience. If you had surgery, do you feel better?


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  1. This is a terrifying story!! In November I had crazy rib pain that wrapped around to my back. I just moved and also ran a marathon and figured I had pulled a muscle. It never went away, woke me up at night and never letting up. It was followed by crazy painful bloating and burping like I was Charlie in the chocolate factory. I made dr apt and she sent me for an ultrasound. They found gallstones but said they aren’t infected so I don’t need to consider surgery. ( this ultrasound led to a visible ‘mass’ on my kidney, that led to a ct scan, crazy C word scares and eventually a benign cyst…) but I continued to have terrible pain, bloating and nausea. My job is crazy busy and time off is not an option. I have actually been knocking on wood because I haven’t had an ‘episode’ in a month now. I am scared that my gallbladder is staying low key and planning to come back with a vengeance.

    So now- when I have to rip that bad boy out I will come to you for knowledge. Please take care. Wishing you an easy recovery .

    • Gosh that sounds just like the same thing I had. I didn’t have stones, just sludge. Which they said is a thick, mud like consistency when it should be liquid.
      I have a cyst on the liver, my surgeon said it’s very common and that he has one too. Hopefully that will calm your nerves.
      If that gallbladder flares up again, try not to wait long like I did. You’ll be so happy to have it out.
      Let me know if I can be of help & good luck friend.

  2. I had mine out a few years ago. I had those same issues since when I was 6 years old, but we didn’t have insurance and they were hesitant to do the surgery on a child so I kept to a pretty low fat and low cholesterol diet growing up. It worked for years but had to come out when I was 24. I didn’t have anymore attacks but had to be even more strict about fat for about a year after the surgery until my body figured out what was going on. Only certain foods I couldn’t handle, mostly butter or anything remotely fried but I was fine with ice cream and fatty desserts. Everyone has a different reaction, I’ve heard some people are immediately relieved and completely back to normal, others will forever have issues with fats, and others somewhere in the middle. Hope you’re recovery goes smoothly! Definitely try to get up and around even if it’s painful and slow, it will speed the process greatly.

    • I’m so happy you got it out. That’s crazy it flared up so early in life.
      And yes, walking has be so helpful! Hope you’re having a great week!

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