Road Trip 2016

I have so much I want to share with you guys, but the thing about blogging is it’s hard to sift through my life and figure out what you guys are interested in reading about. Total first world probs, right?

Hopefully you like reading about vacations because that’s the topic we are going with today. If not, you’re gonna have to take it up with Bam.

In May we rented an SUV and took a road trip to places I have never been before. About 3,600 miles worth of new adventures. Mike has seen a lot of these cities from the road, but never got a chance to get out and explore. The major cities we hit up were:

  • Shasta Lake, CA
  • Medford, OR
  • Portland, OR
  • Kennewick, WA
  • Spokane, WA
  • Coeur d’Alene, ID <-we freaking LOVED it here!
  • Boise, ID
  • Twin Falls, ID
  • Salt Lake City, UT <-I have big dreams of going back at Christmas time!
  • Provo, UT
  • Park City, UT
  • Bryce Canyon, UT
  • Las Vegas, NV <- DUH



Shoshone Falls just outside of Twin Falls, ID. It was in the 40’s, pouring rain and maybe 9 other people there. Freaking awesome! It was all fun and games until Mike slipped in the mud and I had to pee.

Overall we had a great trip! We hit up a Brewery in just about every city, walked along greenways & rivers like locals, stopped into shops, hiked, ate simple & delicious food, saw screensaver worthy countryside, stopped into coffee shops, chatted with locals, explored on foot….we lived!

Though we did run into a couple unplanned snafus. One, we were planning to go to Yellowstone, but it was supposed to snow and we’re from Cali and I’ve heard that white stuff is cold, so yoga pants were not appropriate attire. The other thing was all of the hotels were booked in the park and around it. We don’t book hotels for our road trips, because we end up wherever the wind takes us. We didn’t want to rush through the park for one day, so we decided to skip it, but added a trip to Bryce Canyon instead. Which turned out to be a magnificent idea! Mike promised we’ll go to Yellowstone one day and if there’s one thing about Mike, he is a man of his word. <3

I could go on about the trip, but I’ll share the highlights and pictures.


Dechutes Brewery, Portland, OR. I loved their grilled chicken, which is marinated in ginger ale & salt. We replicated it at home twice now and it’s a winner. Mike loved their beer as well.


Coeur d’Alene, ID is our only regret….we should have spent more time there. We both fit right in and within 24 hours we integrated our lives into their community, making friends with the local brewery, talking to the locals and visiting their farmers market. Mike took a flight around the lake which he LOVED. This girl stayed on land to avoid motion sickness. Our time in Coeur d’Alene was a very memorable part of our trip.



Multnomah Falls, OR was a random stop. I saw it from the freeway, so we stopped. #soworthit

Upper Falls 542 feet, Lower Falls 69 feet.


Salt Lake City, UT Capitol Building.


Finally got to meet the beautiful & talented Heather for bagels in Provo!!


Bryce Canyon, UT. Do I even need to explain this one?? We hiked the Navajo Trail at Sunset Point. It was only 3/4 mile one way, but starts at 8,000 feet elevation. Good thing it goes down, but of course you have to hike back up. Thought I might die. It was the most difficult, mind blowing, beautiful hike I have ever done in my life.


See those little dots on the bottom right? That’s the trail we hiked.




The bottom of the trail.




Driving through Red Rock NP on the way to Bryce Canyon.



Badwater Basin in Death Valley, CA. 282 feet below sea level.

If you want to find really rad places, I highly recommend using hashtags on Instagram. Sounds kinda weird, but that’s how I found a lot of these wonderful places. I even use hashtags where we live just to see where others are doing.

I really wanted to see and do a lot more, but I was about a month post major surgery, and already pushing it. My energy level is just not where it used to be yet and I still have some rough days. Instead of heading to tour the Lower Antelopes & see the Horseshoe Bend in Page, AZ, we opted to sit under palm trees in warm, sunny Vegas for a few days. It was a great life decision!

The only way to travel, is together. There is no one else I’d rather do life with than you cowboy! <3


What cities or places are on your bucket list?

What was the last new to you city you visited?

Where should we go next?


8 Comments on “Road Trip 2016

  1. Your post makes me wish my hubs and I would have roadtripped before settling down. I love the array of pictures and places. I need to go to Oregon!

    SLC is so amazing at Christmas. It’s the time of year I get a little homesick, but the high dosages of weather make me happy to head back to the desert. But SL is so very festive!

  2. YES to hashtags! I have seen some awesome places because of hashtags! Definitely the OR coast! And Bend. And Crater Lake. I loved loved loved Cape Perpetua in Oregon. I could have spent an entire day watching the water there. I know you’re from Cali and Cali is awesome too, but that place was just amazing. I stood there in awe for hours (literally) before my husband made me leave to move on with our road trip. I LOVED Death Valley! I had no entire it would be like that, and I am SO glad that we made it there. I only wish we could have spent more time there! I took some pretty epic road trips last year when I did travel nursing and would LOVE to do more, but babies babies babies 🙁 And my husband just doesn’t get enough time off work anymore!

  3. Yay Nor Cal!! I grew up 60 miles east of Mt. Shasta and I regret not appreciating the beauty of it when I was there!! Also I drive through Coeur d’Alene once and was FLOORED by how pretty it was!! How did I grow up so close and not know about it that whole time??

  4. I am so pumped you came and loved Idaho! My husband and I live in Moscow (90 miles south of Coeur d’Alene) during the school year, he is finally graduating in December, but spend our Summer’s in Boise (he has an awesome summer job here). When we are up north we love spending the day in the Spokane, CDA area!

    My husband and I love road tripping, especially now that we have a toddler. I have this irrational fear of flying with a human that doesn’t understand indoor voices, so we usually drive everywhere. This past spring we drove from Boise to Steamboat Springs CO. It was such a blast and we stopped so frequently to stretch our legs and take in the local scenery!

    I would love to drive the entire west coast. I love Seattle, and Portland but have never been further south than that. My husband does Wildland Firefighting and last summer he spent two weeks in the Redlands and said it was absolutely beautiful. So I want to start in Portland and head down the entire coast!

  5. AHHH! This is my type of vacation! Holy beautiful pics Batman! Last fall i got married at Arches National Park in moab, UT. Bryce canyon wasn’t far, but we ended up just exploring more of Arches and Canyonlands. I dig all the national parks, and need to get back to UT to see Zion & drive north to Salt Lake City like you did. Yellowstone is definitely up on the list and i want to see the Badlands in SD. Also–stopping at breweries in each place? We would be real life bffs. Also i’m so happy you were able to do as much as you did post surgery. 🙂

  6. Hi! Your trip looks AMAZING! Your pictures are also stunning. Do you mind me asking what camera you used? Thank you!

    • Thank you so much! For most of the shots I used the camera on my S6 and others were done with the GoPro. To brighten the natural colors I should note I used the HDR setting in the Snapseed app. It’s my absolute favorite photo editing app that keeps the natural integrity of the picture but also brings it to life.

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