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Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the last post. Looks like virtual coffee dates are still a thing! Schweet.

I figured it’s a good time to do a little ‘get to know me’ post. Turns out there is more to me than gut issues. Who knew? Below are 10 things about me…most of which you probably don’t want to know, ha! I hope you will share some things about yourself in the comments.

  • My name is Jacqueline, my husband is Mike and we have a blind Jack Russell, Bam. One of us chews our butt on a regular basis. We live in a cozy beach house in Monterey, CA about a mile away from the beach.
  • I bartend on the golf course at Pebble Beach, where I drive a beer & snack cart on the golf course and make a lot of friends all day. I absolutely love my job! Everyone is always happy (they’re playing Pebble, so heck yeah they are!) and I have beer, so we are pretty much going to be friends. There is never a bad day. I’m off right now as I take the winter months off with the exception of ProAm in February. And yes, I get to meet celebs & famous people, but approximately 98.99999% of the time I don’t even recognize them. Oops.

Chris O’Donnell requested a Charlie’s Angels pose.

  • Some of the celebs I have met & had very pleasant conversations with are Chris O’Donnell, President George W. Bush, Vanna White, Clay Walker, Andre Iguodala <-{he correctly guessed my shoe size}.
  • With all of this hoopla around work, I’m just a down home country girl. I try to never let life get too big for my britches, take a keen interest in the simplest of things and people I love.
  • I have terrible anxiety, but you probably wouldn’t even know it.

  • If you meet me IRL, you would probably assume I’m very outgoing, but I am quite the opposite. I am more of an introvert…being home with my boys, my germs, my coffee, some candles and lots of warm cozy blankets are heaven.

  • I love coffee. If you’re a long time reader, you already know that. But with all of the stuff I’ve given up (dairy, bananas, lemon) I refuse to give up coffee. I will die before that happens.
  • When I see dogs missing a leg or eye, deaf, blind, high anxiety or rough looking, my husband will surely get a text begging for us to adopt it. He says that I like the ugliest, most messed up and will probably never find a home dogs. He also is worried how he must look if that’s what I’m attracted to.
  • I have a dark sense of humor. Good thing Mike does as well. For example: I asked him if we can retire along the coast where it’s warmer year round, like San Diego. He said no and I replied, “well I’m going to move there when you die.” Don’t worry, he came back with “that’s funny, with all of your health issues, you think I’m gonna die first.” Good point cowboy, good point.

  • Mike & I refuse to grow up. We are very professional, we get shit done and have the whole adulting thing down. But we are all about having fun and enjoying life on our terms. One of our favorite things to do while in Vegas is to photobomb people while in the lobby of the Bellagio. We usually spend over an hour sitting in one place where everyone stands to take a picture and then jump up at the last moment for the bomb. Our other trick is one of us will offer to take the picture with their phone/camera and the other will jump up from the back and bomb the hell out of them. If this has happened to you in the Bellagio, we will gladly sign it for you. It will be worth absolutely nothing.

Now it’s your turn!

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  1. My husband loves to photobomb! Of course, he also claims he invented the selfie :). I keep telling him that having long arms and taking pictures of your nostrils with other people’s phones does not equal inventing the selfie!

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