Weekend with Pops

Pops (my father in law) came to visit for the weekend. We didn’t want him to spend the first Birthday of my MIL after she passed last year, by himself.
Unfortunately Mike came down with a head cold all weekend. So I made tons of fresh orange juice to help Mike feel better and get some extra vitamin C to keep the healthy folks healthy.

Cinnamon rolls are one of Pops favorite treats, so I whipped up a batch from scratch.

Pops helped take this photo, which he was quite stoked about.

I used this recipe, One Hour Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls I found on Pinterest and while I can’t personally vouch for them, (allergic to a lot of the ingredients) Pops & Mike polished off the whole pan.

They were made with REAL butter, REAL dairy, all the gluten and all the love.


We considered taking Mike to the Vet, but we let him rest instead. So with him down of the count, I did my best to show Pops a good time. We went to the aquarium, which he had never been to. He LOVED it!

After the aquarium we noticed the storm surge and the biggest waves I’d ever seen, so we took a drive along the coast. We have lived here (Monterey, CA) over 3 years, and I have never seen swells that big. Serious bone crushing waves. Turns out they set a new record for the largest swells for Monterey ever – 34 feet! It was an incredible sight.

I was driving and wasn’t able to get a shot, but I found one on Instagram in case you are wondering what it looked like.

Pops left yesterday (Monday), Mike is feeling much better, so we are back to normal ’round here. I set some mini goals for the week. I’ll do a post about them tomorrow. Oh and I finally broke down and ordered a new cold press juicer. Ahhhhh I am so SO excited!

Do you get along with your in laws?

Yes! I have always loved and adored them both. Probably more than my own family ha!

Anyone else get nerdy excited about new appliances? Does that make me old now?

Any interest in a post/video on the differences between a cold press juicer & centrifugal juicer?

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